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Mechanic adjusting a car suspension

According to mechanics, if there’s one area that people are most confused about in their cars, it’s the suspension system. Car owners generally only know that shock absorbers are supposed to smooth out the ride. Here we discuss how a vehicle’s suspension works and why it’s important. Your car’s suspension system is essentially designed to…

Man performing a car diagnostic test

There are plenty of reasons to be thankful your car has an on-Board Diagnostic system(OBD). The invention and innovation of the OBD system allows cars to perform more efficiently and cuts back on much carbon is released from a car. Not all car owners will be worried about the efficiency of a car or how…

Man Aligning a Tire

You should always have your tires aligned. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Sometimes, drivers wait until their car is vibrating on the road, pulling in the opposite driving direction, or their tires are being destroyed long before they should wear and tear. Your tires should last three to four years, so make sure you…

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