You don’t need to go to a dealership for expert auto repair and car service you can trust. The ASE-certified mechanics at Reliable Automotive can meet all of your service needs for your car, truck, or SUV. From routine preventative maintenance to specialized repairs and everything in between, we truly are your one-stop professional automotive shop in Buda, San Marcos, and Kyle. At each of our service locations, every customer and every vehicle receives the best service and professionalism we can provide. Our goal is to keep your vehicle on the road longer and running its best. 

Trusted Auto Technicians You Can Rely On

Let our professional master technicians provide the appropriate service or repairs for your vehicle and get you back on the road. Not sure exactly what the problem is in your vehicle? Give us a call or bring it in. We can pinpoint exactly what is going on and get it taken care of. Our expert automotive services include:

Oil Change Service

Regular oil and filter changes are one of the easiest and most effective preventative maintenance services. Clean oil and a clean oil filter will properly lubricate and protect sensitive components and absorb excess heat, extending the life of your engine and promoting maximum performance. Running dirty oil or low oil levels in your engine for too long can quickly cause much more expensive damage. Whether you drive a compact car, SUV, high-performance car, or a high-mileage work truck, we can help you determine the best type of oil, oil filter, and service schedule to give your vehicle long-lasting performance. We offer only high-quality oil filters and motor oils, including synthetic and high-mileage.

Brake Repair

A brake system that is operating optimally is critical to your vehicle’s safety as well as the safety of other drivers on the road around you. Don’t hesitate to get your brakes serviced by a professional at the first sign of trouble. Our ASE-Certified technicians at Reliable Automotive can help and are experienced in a full range of brake services, no matter what type of car, truck, SUV, or van you have. At each of our locations, we offer free comprehensive brake inspections. We’ll pinpoint any issues and get your vehicle back on the road with the brake performance you need.

AC Repair & Service

There are many components that make up the AC system, all of which need to be properly maintained to continue to work optimally. Your vehicle’s AC system can lose up to 5% of its performance annually. Especially if it is not regularly checked.  You know repairs can’t wait if your vehicle’s AC is no longer blowing cold, especially in the hot summer months in Texas. If your system isn’t running quite right, our expert technicians can pinpoint and diagnose the problem, provide the necessary car air conditioning services, and get you back on the road in comfort.

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Transmission Repair

The transmission is what connects your vehicle’s engine and the wheels. If your vehicle isn’t shifting properly or you’re hearing strange noises when shifting, it may be time for transmission service. No matter if you have a manual, automatic, or semi-automatic transmission, our ASE-certified mechanics can help.  Our team uses cutting-edge technology to accurately diagnose any issue that may be present and can make the necessary repairs to get you back on the road quickly. We want to ensure that you’re getting the performance and reliability you’ve come to expect from your transmission.

Engine Repair

Is your “Check Engine” light on? Is the engine stalling or misfiring? Don’t wait and bring your vehicle into Reliable Automotive today. As the foundation of your vehicle, you need to be able to depend on your engine to get you from point A to point B every time you turn the key. Our master technicians can perform engine diagnostics to pinpoint the problem, perform the necessary engine repairs, and get your vehicle running in optimal condition again.

Auto Electrical Service

Your vehicle’s electrical system is a complicated network that requires expert service, especially in newer vehicles. With dozens of feet of wiring and a variety of different components, when one part goes bad it can quickly lead to an array of problems with your vehicle. Our ASE-certified technicians can diagnose exactly what is happening, what component(s) may need to be repaired, and get you back on the road.

Emission Repair

For your vehicle to maintain peak efficiency and operation, your emission system needs to be able to effectively collect harmful pollutants, direct them away from your vehicle, and minimize engine exhaust noise and force. When this isn’t happening, we can help. We’ll make sure your emission system is running properly. Because when it is you get the best fuel efficiency, a smooth running engine, and the most reliability.

Radiator Repair

Your vehicle’s radiator is the main component of your engine’s cooling system, helping to disperse heat that is generated while your engine is running. If the radiator isn’t functioning properly, this can quickly lead to your engine overheating and causing even further costly problems. If your engine is running hotter than normal, bring your vehicle to our expert technicians. We can make the necessary radiator and cooling system repairs, no matter the type of vehicle.

Steering Repair

Being able to effectively steer and control your vehicle on the road is critical. When functioning properly, your car’s power steering should be smooth and easy to do. At any one of our locations, our ASE-certified mechanics are fully trained in steering systems. If your steering feels off or is hard to operate, we can pinpoint the problem and help make sure your car, truck, or SUV is safe to drive with steering repairs you can rely on.

Suspension Repair

Your vehicle’s suspension is responsible for ensuring you have a comfortable and smooth ride, no matter if you are on a paved highway or a dirt road. From shocks and struts to coil springs, our technicians can make repairs or replace any component of your vehicle’s suspension system. Whether you visit our Buda, San Marcos, or Kyle location, Reliable Automotive is your best choice for dependable suspension repairs and maintenance.

Diesel Repair

No matter if you have a foreign diesel-powered car or a super-duty truck, our expert mechanics have the experience, expertise, and tools to keep your diesel vehicle running its best. We are your affordable and convenient dealer alternative for repairs and maintenance on your diesel engine.

Light Truck Repair

In Buda, San Marcos, Kyle, and surrounding areas, Reliable Automotive is your trusted source for expert light duty truck repairs. You depend on your truck and we’ll help you keep it running its best. From maintenance to in-depth repairs, our ASE-certified technicians use industry-leading methods, Original Equipment, and name-brand aftermarket parts for the services you need on a wide range of makes and models.

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No matter what type of auto repair or maintenance services you need, bring your vehicle to the experts at Reliable Automotive in Buda, Kyle, or San Marcos. Our ASE-Certified technicians have the experience and expertise, backed by a 12-month/12,000-mile nationwide warranty, to provide the best service around. We are open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays and from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m on Saturdays. 

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