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Regular vehicle maintenance reduces breakdowns and the need for costly repairs. Basic routine maintenance also extends the life of the vehicle. Some of the basic maintenance that a vehicle needs is easily handled by the driver, although following the routine maintenance schedule outlined in the owner’s manual is also important. Drivers who follow routine maintenance needs enjoy a smooth operating, efficient vehicle for many miles ahead.

Read the Owner’s Manual

How often should the oil in the car be changed? When is it time for new spark plugs? This information and more is available inside of the vehicle owner’s manual. Better acquaint yourself with this information and follow all of the recommendations if you want a well-maintained vehicle that operates smoothly for a long time to come. If you no longer own the manual, free copies are available from the manufacturer’s website.

Air Filter Test

Remove the air filter from the car and hold it up to a light. Examine the filter. If you cannot see through the filter, it is time to replace this component. A clean air filter is a vital component for smooth vehicle operation.

Check Your Tires

Check the tires before you drive off in your car each day. Tires should always be properly inflated to ensure they provide a smooth, safe driving operation. If cars are not properly inflated, trouble can ensue, whether they’re over or under-inflated.

Track Vehicle History

Tracking your vehicle’s history report can fill you in on the potential problems with the vehicle and better ensure the vehicle receives the maintenance that it needs according to schedule. A Carfax vehicle history report is the best way to learn more about the vehicle history.

Examine the Belts & Hoses

Inspect the belts and hoses located within the engine bay. The hoses direct coolant to prevent the engine from overheating. If the hose is cracked, separated, or otherwise damaged, then it should be replaced to prevent leaks and other damage to the engine.

Oil Changes are Important

No matter what vehicle make or model you drive, an oil change is an invaluable service that prolongs the engine and promotes smooth driving efficiency. Most vehicles need an oil change once every 3,000 miles they’re driven, although some vehicles that use synthetic oils may not require a change until 6,000 miles have passed. Don’t forget to change the filter when you change the oil.

Schedule Service

It is vital that you schedule maintenance service for the car when it is time for an oil change, transmission fluid check, or other services. However, it’s important that you also schedule an appointment for service when things with the vehicle go haywire. Ignore problems and the damage only worsens, resulting in the need for even more expensive repairs and breakdowns.

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