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Close-up of a vehicle's transmission

The best way to compare your car’s transmission to another object with a similar purpose would be to think of how the skeleton of a human body works in general. Much like how the human skeleton keeps the human body moving, a transmission helps keep the car working as it should. Both objects also need…

Roadtrip Checklist

There is no better time for a vacation with your group of friends or family than the summer or fall time. As you start to plan your late summer getaways, there are many things to consider. For instance, if you are using some of your hollowed vacation days to head out on the open road…

A service technician conducts a car inspection in Buda TX.

Owning your own vehicle can give you an overwhelming sense of independence, but there are also elements of accountability and responsibility as well. On top of having valid car insurance that you pay for monthly, there are yearly requirements that the state gives you in order to ensure that your vehicle is road worthy. Going…

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