Manual transmission clutch serviced at our auto transmission repair shop in San Marcos TX

Since its introduction in 1939, transmission has been a vital component of every vehicle. A vehicle’s transmission ensures that the vehicle can shift gears, and proper maintenance is required to guarantee its smooth operation. Ensuring that your cars’ transmission is properly oiled and serviced might cost a bit more up-front, but it will end up saving you lots of money in the long run. Most major transmission problems are the result of poor maintenance, so staying on top of a maintenance schedule and practicing good driving habits can help you avoid the majority of transmission problems.

To help you keep your transmission in good shape, our San Marcos car repair shop has put together a list of tips that any vehicle owner can follow to avoid expensive transmission repairs. Let’s get started!

Schedule regular maintenance checks

Any vehicle requires regular servicing, which can help prevent future transmission issues. The basic vehicle maintenance routine you should adopt includes regular oil checks as well as taking your vehicle for service at a reputable vehicle repair shop.

Monitor the transmission fluid levels

The transmission fluid level and color must be monitored, as they can change after regular use. For example, many mechanics often recommend that transmission fluid be changed when it appears to be darker. This is because the fluid is dirty at this stage and needs to be replaced.

Use recommended transmission fluid.

Some vehicles with manual transmissions can be fluid sensitive, and replacing your transmission fluid with the wrong brand can cause problems. To avoid costly transmission repairs and keep your car in good mechanical condition, always ensure that you use the fluid types specified in its owner’s manual. If you’re not sure what kind of fluid your vehicle needs, a knowledgeable mechanic can help you out.

Ensure you shift the gears smoothly

One of the reasons some people experience manual transmission issues is poor driving habits. You can do this by ensuring that your left foot is completely lifted from the clutch pedal during gear shifts.

Consider regular transmission inspections

It is always a good idea to ensure your transmission is annually examined and inspected. Doing your vehicle inspection, always choose certified and qualified mechanics. Trying to diagnose or fix your transmission by yourself can further escalate the situation and damage your vehicles’ transmission.

Install an additional cooler

If you live in a hot environment, it would be a good idea if you could install an auxiliary cooler. High temperatures can heat the transmission fluid, which can negatively affect your car’s efficiency. You can trust our technicians to install an extra cooler on your car and get in touch with us to inquire more about the opportunity.

Ensure that your engine is properly tuned

When your vehicle is not properly tuned, it could develop transmissions problems resulting in high repair costs. We have highly qualified and experienced mechanics who can tune any car model to help you avoid future transmissions problems. A properly tuned car does not develop many transmission issues and is pocket-friendly to the owner as a consequence.


Vehicle transmission repairs can be costly. An expensive repair bill can strike terror for anybody who is tight on a budget, as it could mean the need for a new vehicle purchase. However, just like healthy day-to-day habits are the best way to maintain wellness, preventing potential transmission problems before they happen is always the best solution. It can significantly cut the costs for you in the long term. If you are unsure about the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle, be sure to read through the owner’s manual and consult with a qualified mechanic. The experts at our transmission repair shop in San Marcos TX will be happy to help!


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