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Your car has an engine, and your engine is made up of many parts. One of these parts is the spark plug. You probably know that spark plugs create a spark in an engine so gas can travel through the cylinders and into the combustion chamber. When you turn on your machine, a small flame ignites the gasoline, and it sends it through a tube called the exhaust system. This process creates an intense blast of air and gases that push outwards, making your car roar as it starts up. The spark plug is one of the essential parts of your car’s engine because of the part that it plays in this process.

1. What Do Spark Plugs Do?

A spark plug is a small device that creates a spark in an engine. When you turn on your engine, the spark plugs ignite the gasoline and send it through the cylinders. This process creates an intense blast of air which is apart of how it starts up.

2. How Do Spark Plugs Work?

A spark plug is made up of several metal parts. The electrodes are at the top of the plug and are connected to a wire. When you turn on your engine, the electrodes create a spark that ignites the gasoline. This process sends a powerful shock through the plug, sparking the cylinder’s air/fuel mixture.

3. How to Select New Spark Plugs

If your car has spark plugs that are worn out, you will need to replace them. You can do this yourself, but it is easier if you take your car to a mechanic. When selecting new spark plugs, make sure to choose ones that are the correct size for your vehicle. You can also check the manufacturer’s website to find the correct plug for your car. When you are replacing your spark plugs, make sure to replace them all simultaneously. This will ensure that your vehicle does not have any complications due to mixing old and new plugs together. When it comes to getting spark plugs replaced its best to consult an expert. Its not always as easy of a task as it seems.

4. How You Know that your Spark Plug is Worn Out

If your car does not start, or if it starts but does not run well, your spark plugs may be worn out. You can check this by selecting your plugs and turning them over. If the insides are blackened or charred, your plugs are probably worn out. You can also check your car’s engine light to see if your spark plugs are causing the problem. If you have replaced your spark plugs and the engine light still comes on, you may need to replace other engine parts.

5. How to Change a Spark Plug

You will need a wrench, a socket set, and a spark plug to change a spark plug. First, remove the main cap. Next, use the wrench to turn the socket set until loose. Remove the old spark plug and insert the new one. Make sure that the electrodes are correctly seated in the engine block. Replace the main cap and tighten it using the wrench. Although this process sounds quite simple, it can take a lot more expertise than you would think. Enlisting the help of a professional is the best way to ensure that the process is done properly and no damage is done to your engine in the process.


Spark plugs are essential components of your car’s engine. They help create a spark that ignites the gas/air mixture in the cylinders. If your plugs are worn out, your vehicle may not start or run well. You should make sure that you are checking your spark plugs every so often or taking your vehicle in for routine maintenance to ensure that your spark plugs are still working effectively and doing their job.

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