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Many people notice that their gas gauge drops more quickly than it used to, and they blame the car. But is this just a coincidence? Probably not. Your vehicle may be guzzling gas faster because of one or two simple things you can do on your own! This blog post explains why your car seems to guzzle gas.

Excess weight

Overweight cars are less fuel-efficient. If you’ve added extra weight to your car (luggage, camping gear, etc.), this makes your car work harder and use more gas than it otherwise would. Changing the air filter: Old or dirty air filters restrict airflow into the engine, reducing mileage by as much as 10%. Make sure your air filter is always clean.

Driving habits

Rough driving can reduce gas mileage by roughly 33%. Things like over-speeding, rapid acceleration and braking, and carrying extra weight all contribute to this, as well as getting your car to the proper speed for the road you are on. You can find this out by looking at your speedometer or asking a gas station attendant what the best cruising speed is for that particular stretch of road.

Driving style

Aggressive driving may increase fuel consumption notably because performance-oriented engines tend to be less efficient. If you drive aggressively, look at whether more fuel-efficient options suit your needs as a driver.

Bad tires

A car with bad tires will not reach its full gas mileage potential since it is harder for the engine to perform properly and therefore requires extra fuel use. This is one of the most common causes of poor gas mileage. If you are having problems with your tires, make sure they are up to the proper tire pressure and always be on the lookout for anything unusual or abnormal about them.

Fuel type

Gas prices vary from city to city because different regions have different fuel types available to them. Gas prices also differ across countries because of the availability and type of fuel used. If you notice your gas mileage decreasing, take a look at where you get your gas and whether it’s changed recently (and if it has, look to see if there might be another option available in your area).


The engine is possibly the most important element that determines how efficient your car is. The engine is the number one cause of decreased gas mileage. If your car’s engine requires more energy to produce a set amount of power, this will result in reduced fuel economy and increased emissions from your vehicle. Therefore, regular maintenance and tune-ups (including having the spark plug and air filter changed) can make a big difference in your gas mileage.

Car Maintenance

Regular car maintenance, including having the spark plug changed and the air filter cleaned, can make a big difference in your fuel economy. If you notice that your car is using more gas than it used to, start with these two components of your vehicle, which are easy to access and have no complicated problems that require the help of a mechanic.

Driving conditions

Gas mileage is reduced in extreme temperatures or at high altitudes where air pressure and oxygen levels are different from ground level. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, make sure your car’s cooling system is up to par (e.g., not leaking antifreeze) and your car’s battery isn’t struggling to keep the engine running properly.

Worn down spark plugs

Spark plugs make a big difference in the gas mileage you get. For every 1% drop in voltage, fuel economy drops by 1%. To keep your car’s gas mileage high, have your spark plugs replaced at least once every 100 000 miles.


Many factors can affect gas mileage. Some of these, like changing your air filter or driving style, will always help. Others, like the type of fuel you use, the engine in your car, and bad tires, may only make a difference at certain times (e.g., if they are temporarily broken). By identifying potential issues with your car and keeping a close eye on them, you can see a big difference in your gas mileage.

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