When To Change Your Air Filter

Have you ever gone into the mechanic shop or oil changing facility in order to get a simple and cheap oil change and then not know what to say when they start asking you about different services they want to perform on your vehicle? In addition to asking you what type of oil you want…

Signs You Should Get Your Brakes Checked

With our fast pace society, the use of our vehicles play a huge role in keeping us active and able to fulfill our obligations to our jobs, families, and social engagements. Upkeep of your car can feel like a huge responsibility, and while it might seem overwhelming, there are a couple of clues that can…

4 Important Questions for Your Mechanic In Kyle TX

Car trouble is the worst. We do everything in our power to avoid it; we want to get all the life we can get out of our vehicles. Yet, we all have those dreaded moments, the car starts shaking or won’t start. Maybe the check engine light comes on seemingly out of nowhere, or our…

How to find a mechanic

While our modern cars are made to depreciate way faster than they did in the past, our busy lives never seem to slow down. Without a reliable car, our jobs, education, and family activities would greatly and negatively be affected. This is why finding a car mechanic that you love and trust is so important….

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