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Quality Auto Repair in Buda, TX

Get the best service possible at Reliable Automotive when you need auto repair in Buda, TX. Our team of ASE-Certified mechanics has the qualifications and experience to handle any car repair or maintenance you require. We only hire the best in the business at our Buda auto shop.

When you choose Reliable Automotive for auto service, you can trust us to take care of everything.

Auto Repair Services in One Convenient Stop

Some places make you go to separate locations for different auto repair services. Not us. When you visit a Reliable Automotive location, you can have all your auto care handled safely in one place. Our crew is equipped with the skills and knowledge to take care of any maintenance or service you may need.

Some of our auto repair and maintenance services include the following:

Oil Change Service

Your engine oil gets dirty and ineffective over time, so it needs to be replaced. Like other maintenance services, a regular oil change routine is an essential part of the upkeep of your car or truck. Having an auto repair shop change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles gives your engine the protection it needs to keep on running effectively.

The team at Reliable Automotive in Buda would be glad to help keep your motor healthy and efficient. Whether you use regular synthetic, or high mileage synthetic, we will replace your old oil and oil filter in no time.

Preventive Maintenance

Who better to maintain your vehicle than the experts at Reliable Automotive? When the smaller components, such as spark plugs, belts, hoses, and filters are past their prime, our mechanics can inspect and replace them. These elements might seem relatively minor, but they enable major systems in your car to operate. Our team has you covered when one or more of these items need replacing.

No matter how small, any auto repair should be carried out by a professional mechanic. Our team has years of experience cultivating the skills to handle even the most delicate of operations. We’ll keep everything up to date to help prevent a major auto repair in the future from lack of maintenance.

Brake Service

Your brakes are arguably the most critical safety system on your automobile. When you press the brake pedal, you depend on your brakes to slow your momentum and bring you to a safe stop. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about their brakes until they notice something going wrong while stopping. However, replacing your brake pads and maintaining your rotors are necessary parts of maintaining your vehicle.

Our crew at Reliable Automotive in Buda can quickly assess and repair your brakes if something’s not quite right. Our goal is to perform whatever car or brake repair service you need in order to drive safely and efficiently.

Transmission Auto Repair Services

Your transmission is an essential part of your vehicle. When you accelerate, the transmission changes gears to help keep the engine from working too hard and breaking down. If something goes wrong with the transmission, it often leads to an intensive auto repair and budget-busting expense, unfortunately.

At Reliable Automotive, a transmission repair doesn’t have to spell disaster. Our ASE-Certified mechanic utilizes innovative diagnostic technology to assess and pinpoint an issue. Our team can help you determine precisely what’s wrong with the transmission and perform any car repair you may need. While not every transmission issue requires a major auto repair, we have the skills and tools for the job if it does. You can trust us with the most difficult repairs and services.

Engine Repair

If something goes wrong with your engine, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Additionally, you want someone who knows what they’re doing with such an important vehicle component.

Fortunately, our crew is well-versed in engine repair and able to take on any service you need. Whether your Toyota Rav4 is giving you trouble or your Ford F-250 has blown a gasket, our team can handle it. We operate quickly and aim to get you back on the road asap.

Auto A/C and Climate Control Repair

The Texas heat is like nothing else; so, if your car’s air conditioning system goes down, it can be miserable or even dangerous in the midst of summer. Keeping your auto A/C system in excellent condition is a necessity!

If your car isn’t comfortable or cooling like it used to, you may need an auto A/C recharge, a new compressor, or some other climate control auto repair. However, you don’t have to sweat an A/C repair at Reliable Automotive in Buda. Our team can get your air running cool and comfortably in double-quick time.

Book an Appointment for Buda Auto Repair

Don’t let any old auto shop handle your auto repair, trust your vehicle to the experts at Reliable Automotive. Our team is more than capable of managing your auto repair, maintenance, and service. We make our customers our top priority and always treat you right!

For all your automotive repair and maintenance needs in Buda, come visit your local mechanics at Reliable Automotive. Located on FM967 right next to the Buda Sportsplex, our shop is just a short drive up 967 from the heart of town. South Austinites can also find us easily by taking a short drive down 1626.

Come stop by the shop or give us a call any time during our business hours. We’ll be happy to provide the friendliest customer service you’ll find at an auto repair shop. You can also book your appointment any time of day online using the form below. We look forward to seeing you!

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About Reliable Automotive in Buda

Reliable Automotive's Buda location storefront

A Resource for the Buda Community

Reliable Automotive began with a single location in San Marcos in 2012. We quickly expanded to have a location in Buda, TX to better meet the needs of all of our Hays county customers. Our goal when we opened our doors, and to this day, is to be a resource for our community. We strive to support our fellow local businesses and organizations by donating time and funds whenever possible, and to support our Hays county community neighbors by offering the best auto repair services in Buda.

Our Auto Repair Services

Our ASE-certified technicians specialize in a wide range of automotive repairs, and have years of experience working with many different makes and models. Below are just a few examples of the countless auto repair services we provide:

An oil change in progress

Oil Change

Your vehicle needs its oil regularly changed to continue running reliably. The oil in your vehicle helps lubricate and cool your engine, preventing damage and corrosion. When you need a quick oil change, come to Reliable Automotive.

A brand-new brake disk

Brake Repair

Your brakes are what keep you safe by allowing you to stop your vehicle. If they aren’t performing reliably, call Reliable Automotive. We offer brake checks in Buda, TX and our other locations in case you aren’t sure if you need brake repair or not.

Close-up of a car engine's parts

Engine Diagnostics & Repair

An engine diagnostic is an important part of determining if your vehicle needs engine repair. At Reliable Automotive, our trained and certified technicians can do both. When you need engine repair in Buda, give us a call.

Illustration of a vehicle's transmission system

Transmission Repair

If your vehicle isn’t shifting gears like it used to, or you notice a red fluid leaking from underneath your vehicle, it’s time for a transmission repair. Transmission damage can quickly lead to an inoperable vehicle, so don’t wait for repairs.

Illustration of a vehicle's suspension system

Suspension Repair

When the same rough patch of road you’ve driven over on your commute every day for weeks starts to feel harder on your vehicle than it used to, it may be time for a suspension repair. Our experts can help.

Close-up of a gray A/C vent on a car's dashboard

Auto AC Repair

Whether the compressor stops working in your VW Jetta, the condenser is leaking in your Dodge Durango, or your Chevrolet Camaro simply needs a refrigerant recharge, your vehicle’s auto air conditioning will receive our total care in Buda.

Why Choose Reliable Automotive?

A service technician educates a customer on the repair work to her vehicle

The Best Customer Service Around

When you need auto repairs in Buda, TX, come straight to Reliable Automotive.  Not only do we offer high quality service, we also aim to provide the best customer service you can find. Our technicians and staff are always friendly, and dedicated to helping you understand every step of your repair process, from the time you step through our doors to when you drive away in your fully repaired vehicle.

Locally Owned & Operated

Reliable Automotive is 100% Hays county owned and operated. When you come to our local auto repair shop, you’re not only getting the best Buda automotive repairs, you’re also supporting a local business. Because of the incredible support we receive from the Buda community, we make it our goal to give back whenever possible, whether it’s donating to local Buda organizations or just offering a free cup of fresh coffee to everyone who comes through our doors, if we can help, we do! So keep it local, keep it reliable, and give us a call today.

Call Our Buda Location

Why We Love Buda, Texas

Historic downtown Buda

Just the Right Distance from the City

Close enough to Austin to make a short commute but far enough to stay out of traffic, Buda, TX has become a popular city to visit and live in the past few years. With an estimated population of over 16,000, Buda is one of the fastest growing suburbs of Austin. While it may be close to the big city, Buda still retains its comfortable small town atmosphere.

Unique Small Town Charm

One of the perks of small town living is the many little known aspects and historic trivia that give it a special charm other cities just don’t have. Residents of Buda are familiar with many of the things that make the city unique, but even long time Budans may not know some of these interesting facts about the city. Below are six reasons we love Buda, TX!

2 girls resting on a park bench

“Breathe Easy Here”

The city of Buda has its own motto: “Breathe Easy Here.” With 13 parks and outdoor spaces for residents and visitors to relax, the city lives up to its motto!

A concert on an outdoor stage

The Outdoor Capital of Texas

Because of the many acres of parkland in Buda, the city was bestowed the title “Outdoor Capital of Texas” by the state legislature. Historic Stagecoach Park alone covers over 50 acres. The Buda City Park is also a popular destination. Occasional live music events in addition to annual holiday events make it an excellent gathering place for the community.

Historic photo of cattle grazing in Buda, TX

Formerly Du Pre, Texas

The city of Buda was not always called Buda. The city was called Du Pre from its founding until 1887 when the name was changed to Buda.

Wiener dogs participating in a race

Country Fair & Wiener Dog Races

The Buda Lions Club annually holds the Country Fair & Wiener Dog Races. The event is often held at Buda City Park or the popular venue Buck’s Backyard in the spring and draws attention across the city. Vendors sell food and crafts, and of course everyone gathers to watch the wiener dogs run! There have been as many as 400 racers at the event.

A film production in progress in Buda

Film Friendly Texas

Buda became a part of the Film Friendly Texas Program in 2009. This program helps Texas cities learn how to encourage media production in their communities and potentially become destinations for production as well. Media production can have significant economic impacts on cities, and Buda’s participation in this state-specific program was a great investment in potential future projects.

A Texas flag waves over a field of wildflowers

Scenic City Certification

Out of 1,200 cities across Texas who applied, Buda was one of 16 chosen to receive a gold certificate from the Scenic City Certification Program of Scenic Texas. The goal of the Scenic Texas organization is to improve the visual environment of Texas, and preserve where possible.