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You can trust the experts at Reliable Automotive in Kyle for your car’s oil change service. Our team is ready to serve you and all your auto needs with our superior customer service and expert mechanics. 

During your oil change, our ASE-certified oil change mechanics will perform a thorough visual inspection of your entire car to identify any major safety problems. 

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Regular Car Oil Changes Protect Your Car’s Engine

Regularly maintaining your vehicle is essential if you want it to continue performing at its very best for years to come. When your vehicle isn’t well-maintained, there’s a good chance that many of the components within it will undergo high levels of wear and tear. For instance, when you don’t change your oil as often as you’re supposed to, your engine could be damaged and may eventually overheat.  Receiving routine maintenance for your vehicle will also increase your safety as you drive. By keeping major issues at bay and protecting parts from damage, you can be more confident that your car won’t break down while you’re driving to work or running errands.

Engine oil plays a significant role in keeping all components of the engine system protected and running at top efficiency. The most effective way to keep an engine running optimally is by adhering to a regular oil change service schedule. This is also one of the least expensive ways to keep the engine healthy.  

Engine oil serves several important purposes:

It Cools the Engine

An engine generates a lot of heat just by working. The oil we add to your engine absorbs this heat. It then redistributes the heat throughout the engine so that it doesn’t build up to dangerous levels. About forty percent of the necessary cooling of the engine is dissipated in this way.

Regularly Scheduled Oil Changes Prevents Corrosion

Rust and corrosion tend to build up in machinery, so clean oil in the right amounts keeps your vehicle’s engine clean. 

Engine Oil Lubricates

Engine oil is a petroleum product with infused additives. This oil leaves a protective layer on all of the engine components, with the additives providing even more lubrication to reduce friction and excessive heat.

Engine Oil And The Oil Filter Clean

The oil and the oil filter work together to keep the engine clean. The oil absorbs dirt, debris, and other contaminants that get into the engine system. Then, the oil filter helps by trapping these contaminants from re-entering the oil flow. This is why the oil filter must be changed regularly, too.

However, engine oil eventually breaks down. How soon the oil becomes ineffective depends on the kind of oil being used in the car and how well the engine is being maintained.

Clean oil and a new oil filter (being changed on a regular schedule) will help to protect your engine from catastrophic problems like overheating, sticking pistons, clogs in the system, and eventually, an engine that fails.

Oil Change Service Schedule

There is no one schedule of oil changes that work for all vehicles. The frequency of the maintenance schedule depends on:

  • The recommendations in your car’s owner’s manualperson pouring car oil in yellow can into vehicle
  • The age of your car
  • Your driving needs (i.e., towing and hauling)
  • Hot or cold climate
  • Type of oil being used
  • Your driving habits (i.e., frequent, short, or long trips)

You will generally hear that oil changes should occur every 3,000 miles or every three months, whichever comes first. However, many new cars are being manufactured to require fewer oil changes with longer intervals between each oil change, and some types of oil don’t need to be changed as often. You can discuss this with one of our oil change specialists if you have any questions. 

The Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Our Kyle auto shop helps you to get the most from your oil changes by using fully synthetic oil. 

Synthetic oil is manufactured entirely in a lab or factory according to a highly controlled process and stringent standards. It contains only the best additives and elements of oil.  As a result, synthetic oil provides the highest level of engine protection. Your car will need fewer oil changes, usually between 5,000 to 7,500 miles. 

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When Does My Vehicle Need an Oil Change?

The top reason for car failure is owner neglect. Don’t let this be you! Check the oil in your car using regular oil changes, about once a month. Here is what to look out for that might indicate the need for an oil change:

  • A low oil level when checking the oil dipstick
  • The “check engine” or “oil change required” light is illuminated on the dashboard
  • The oil is overly thick, dark, and/or milky and comes out in globs
  • Unusual pinging, knocking, or ticking engine noises when the vehicle is running
  • Blue exhaust smoke coming from the tailpipe while the vehicle is running
  • Strong burning oil odor inside the vehicle

You can top off the oil as a temporary measure if it is low when you check it. Use the same oil as what is already in the car. Then, take the car to Reliable Automotive in Kyle to find out if your system leaks. 

To address any of the other signs, set an appointment at Reliable Automotive in Kyle for an oil change as soon as possible.

Our Free Shuttle Service Takes Care of You

Your car may be in the shop for an oil change, but your day can’t stop for that! Reliable Automotive makes it possible for you to get back on the road while your car is being serviced. 

We want to make dealing with Reliable Automotive as easy as possible! Request our free shuttle service when you make your appointment for an oil change. We will drop you off at your destination and then pick you up when your oil change appointment and service are complete.

Oil Change Service in Kyle FAQs

Your engine health will vary greatly depending on your driving environment and driving habits. Vehicles that regularly tow throughout their lives, adventure offroad, or even do a lot of stop-and-go driving may age faster than vehicles that see a lot of highway driving. 

We generally recommend that owners switch to a high-mileage oil change once their vehicle reaches 100,000 miles. At this milestone, an engine often begins to become affected by carbon buildup or experience gasket leaks. High-mileage oil helps to address this issue thanks to its special blend, which incorporates detergents and gasket sealants to help extend your engine’s life while catering to its needs. 

An oil change is by far one of the most important services that can be performed on your vehicle. The amount of oil changes your vehicle needs will depend greatly on your driving habits and other important factors like your vehicle’s age, its load, and the weather it operates in. Colder temperatures can be harsher on your engine, which can generally result in changing your oil and your filters more frequently. 

Are you scheduling an oil change appointment because the oil change light came on in your vehicle? Some cars have active, onboard, oil-life monitors that will give you an estimate of your remaining oil life based on various driving parameters. Other systems may remind you of an upcoming oil change based on time and date intervals. Here are the general service intervals for various types of oil:

  • Conventional Oil: Conventional oil is refined from crude oil and typically lasts about 3,000 miles before it needs to be changed. Conventional oil offers great protection for certain engines, but it’s not quite compatible with every engine. Conventional oil breaks down and will not be able to protect your engine once it’s heated past 275ºF. Because of the marginal protection that conventional oil offers, and because many of today’s engines can’t use conventional oil, we don’t stock it here at Reliable Automotive.
  • Synthetic Blend (High-Mileage Oil): Synthetic blend oil uses a conventional oil base but uses other additives to meet the needs of aging engines, such as gasket leaks and carbon deposits. For this reason, synthetic blend oil often includes special synthetic stock to help address these concerns. Because synthetic stock offers better protection than conventional oil, it needs to be changed less often than conventional oil. Typically, synthetic blend oil needs to be changed roughly every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.
  • Full Synthetic Oil: Full synthetic oil is made from distilled crude oil and has been chemically modified to offer the best protection for your engine. Able to withstand temperatures of more than 500ºF, synthetic oil not only offers exceptional protection while promoting longevity, but it also offers the longest protection. Opt for synthetic oil, and you can expect to need an oil change every 12 months or 10,000 miles. 

Yes, it is possible that your vehicle will run smoother and sound quieter after an oil change. Your engine oil is responsible for protecting the heart of your vehicle: the engine. Although your engine may purr like a kitten as it idles, the inside of your motor is actually a hot and volatile environment. Your motor oil is responsible for lubricating, protecting, and cooling the many internal parts of your engine.

Running your vehicle with old or dirty oil can cause your engine to run rougher than it normally does. This is because the increased friction inside your motor can not only cause engine damage if left unchecked, but it can also cause your vehicle to get lower fuel economy. 

However, if you have a warning light on, or your vehicle is having mechanical issues like misfiring, backfiring, surging, or stalling, your vehicle may need more than an oil change service. We recommend you schedule service at Reliable Auto at your earliest convenience.

Here are some of the most common signs that it’s time for an oil change:

  • Rough idling
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Louder operation
  • Oil warning light

When you come to Reliable Auto for a full-service Kyle oil change, one of our ASE-certified mechanics will drain your old oil and remove your old oil filter. We’ll then refill your oil reservoir according to factory specifications, along with the type and viscosity of oil that your vehicle needs. Next, we’ll replace your old oil filter with a brand new one after we replace your drain plug gasket. Finally, one of our trained mechanics will perform a multi-point inspection to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the road ahead. 

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If you are in need of an oil change in Kyle, TX, Reliable Automotive is one of the best places to have it done because our experts at Reliable Automotive deliver reliable oil change service to every customer who walks through our doors. Since 2012, we’ve been committed to providing exceptional service.Our years of knowledge and great insight are just some of several tools we’ll use to keep your vehicle running smoothly. 

Our mechanics are ASE-certified and we will only use high-quality oil during your Kyle oil change service to ensure that your engine remains in peak condition. Before getting started, we’ll conduct a visual inspection to ensure that your car or truck is safe to drive. If we detect an issue during the oil change, we’ll speak with you about the services we recommend that can make things better, and we’ll provide you with a fair estimate on what it will cost.

Here at Reliable Automotive, you will have the option to select from four major types of oil for your vehicle:

  1. Synthetic oil keeps its protective properties for a lengthy period of time and is able to resist oxidation more effectively. When combined with a strong base oil, synthetic oil provides your vehicle with important detergents and additives that will keep your engine clean and protect your vehicle from the high temperatures that the engine produces. 
  2. Full synthetic oil is the best motor oil money can buy. Traditionally, it lasts longer than other motor oil types and it can provide your vehicle with top-notch protection, improve its performance, and more. Despite its amazing capabilities, it may not be selected as often, due to being the most expensive oil type, as well. 
  3. High-mileage oil is designed specifically to address the issues present in high-mileage vehicles. If your vehicle has over 75,000 miles on it, you may want to consider this type of motor oil. When using this oil, your older engine will benefit from less emissions, smoke, and oil consumption. High-mileage oil also helps reduce oil seepage and leaks. While high-mileage oil can be used in every vehicle, it won’t provide the same benefits.
  4. Conventional oil, also known as standard motor oil, is the most commonly used oil type. It is made out of refined crude oil and additional additives are incorporated to enhance its viscosity and protection properties. Although this option is the most cost-effective, it may not always be the best choice for your vehicle and its needs. Also note that Reliable Automotive does not provide conventional oil changes at this time. 

If you request a synthetic oil change, the molecules in this oil maintain a consistent size, which provides great protection against wear and tear in your engine. However, all can be great options for your vehicle depending on its needs. 

Yes, it’s possible to schedule your oil change service appointment with Reliable Automotive on our website. This convenient option makes it easier for our customers to stay up-to-date on routine maintenance tasks by scheduling service from the comfort of their own. 

Simply visit our website,  and select our Kyle location to proceed. Once it has been selected, you may notice a form with blank spaces where you can input your information. After you have submitted it to our team, we’ll confirm your desired appointment time as soon as we can. 

If you would like to check your car’s oil level, the first thing you should do is look through your owner’s manual to identify the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Some of the latest models come with an electronic oil monitor, which means they won’t provide a standard dipstick that allows you to perform a manual inspection. 

Make sure that your vehicle is parked on a level surface. It’s also recommended that your engine is cold, so make sure it hasn’t been freshly driven before popping open the hood. Once your engine has been off for a decent amount of time, you can open the hood of your car and locate the dipstick. Pull the dipstick out of your engine before wiping off any remaining oil. You should then insert it back into the tube until it’s all the way in. 

Now it’s time to pull the dipstick out again. You can see the oil levels by finding where on the dipstick the oil ends. There should be indicators of the proper oil level, which could be the letter H and L (high and Low) or the abbreviations of “MAX” and “MIN”. If the oil is between these two marks, you don’t need an oil change. If, however, the oil is lower than the minimum mark, you’ll need to obtain an oil change before your engine experiences wear and tear. 

While checking your oil level, you should also look at the oil’s color. It should be a black or brown color. If the oil has a lighter or milky appearance, it’s possible that some coolant has leaked into your engine, which can be a huge problem. If you notice any metal particles in the oil, this might indicate internal engine damage. Once you’re finished, wipe off the dipstick before reinserting it. You can now close your hood and start your car.