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Kyle Transmission Repair

As a motorist in Kyle, TX, you probably know a bit about how your car’s engine works. Still, you might not know what your individual engine components do—including your car’s auto transmission. Essentially, the transmission is what converts power from your engine and converts it to torque (i.e., the force that makes a vehicle’s wheels rotate).

Your car’s transmission should be able to shift gears without difficulty. But that’s not always the case. You may notice a rough feeling while shifting gears or strange noises coming from your transmission. Signs like these could mean your transmission requires attention from a professional. Make sure you get the high-quality Kyle transmission repair you need by working with Reliable Automotive.

Look Out for These Transmission Issues

Sometimes (but not always), it’s obvious when there’s an issue with your transmission. Here are some transmission warning signs to be aware of while driving in Kyle:

  • Strange noises (e.g., grinding, humming, or buzzing)
  • Delays in gear shifting
  • A burning smell while driving
  • “Slippery” or difficult gear shifts
  • Visible transmission fluid leaks under your car

The Transmission Services We Offer

When you spot issues that could be related to your car’s transmission, schedule an appointment right away at Reliable Automotive’s Kyle transmission shop. Our team of professional auto technicians will perform an in-depth engine inspection to get started. From there, they can provide various services, including:

  • Transmission flush. Just like motor oil, transmission fluid loses efficacy with age. If it’s been a while since you last got a transmission fluid change, the Reliable Automotive team will remove and replace it with an exceptional new fluid that fits your vehicle’s needs.
  • Transmission filter replacement. Your car’s transmission filter keeps transmission fluid safe from contamination in the form of foreign materials and debris. Still, transmission filters need to be replaced every so often. We can keep your transmission running smoothly by performing this service for you.
  • Transmission cooler hose replacement. Your vehicle’s transmission cooler hose prevents issues related to overheated transmission fluid. If your transmission cooler hose is no longer functional, we can provide the replacement hose you need.
  • Complete transmission overhaul. Sometimes, transmissions need to be rebuilt from scratch. We’ll assess the condition of each part of your transmission before cleaning, replacing, and reassembling them.

Whether your transmission needs to be fully rebuilt or just needs a fluid flush, the technicians at our Kyle auto shop will use high-quality parts and materials to get the job done. They’ll also work as quickly as possible so you can get back on the road in Kyle!

Leave Transmission Repair to the Professionals

Transmission repairs and fluid changes aren’t as simple as oil changes and wiper replacements, but there’s still no shortage of businesses in Kyle that provide these services. That said, not every shop that offers transmission service has the same qualifications. Picking the wrong company to handle your transmission needs could cause major problems in the long run.

Are you wondering how to pick the best Kyle auto shop for transmission repair? The best way to make this decision is also the simplest—focus on the crucial factors, such as how qualified a shop’s employees are. The technicians working for Reliable Automotive are fully ASE-certified and can diagnose and repair all kinds of vehicle transmissions with ease. On top of that, you’ll enjoy personal attention and quality customer service from the experts on our staff.

Save Money on Kyle Transmission Repair

Like any other kind of automotive repair service, nobody enjoys paying for transmission services—no matter how well-done the job is. These costs are unavoidable, but choosing the right shop can still help you save money. Reliable Automotive offers reasonable prices to customers in the Kyle area. For more information on the cost of your transmission service, request a quote.

You’ll also have more chances to save when you choose Reliable Automotive. Our website features a broad selection of coupons that can further slash costs. If you find a coupon that could apply to your transmission repair, don’t wait around—our coupons are available on a rotating basis.

Don’t Worry About Dealership Service

Have you just bought a new car? If so, you might be especially concerned about taking it to the right place for service. You may even worry your warranty will be invalidated if you get your transmission fixed at a transmission shop rather than your dealership.

However, there’s nothing to worry about. Auto dealers and manufacturers in the U.S. are legally prohibited from offering car warranties that require you to get regular auto maintenance at your dealership. This means you can go anywhere in Kyle for transmission service, allowing you to make significant savings. While your dealer might provide free service within your warranty period, they’ll become much more expensive when your warranty no longer covers repairs. Make your transmission repair as affordable as possible at Reliable Automotive!

Reasons to Pick Reliable Automotive

Reliable Automotive is the number one choice for automotive services in the Kyle area—including transmission repair. Choose us when you need:

  • A BBB Member Boasting An A+ Rating
  • A Jasper Distributor
  • A Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce Member
  • Transmission Repair Service From ASE-Certified Technicians
  • Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Best-In-Class Automotive Equipment/Technology

Kyle Transmission Repair Shop FAQs

Estimating the price of a transmission service without knowing the type of car you drive and the exact services you need is nearly impossible. Some transmission services are far more expensive than others. For example, a transmission flush won’t cost too much, but a transmission repair can get somewhat pricey.

No matter how big or small the transmission service you need is, the team at Reliable Automotive believes you should have an opportunity to save money in the process. Check out our online coupons before it’s time for your next transmission service!

Usually, a transmission overhaul can be avoided through services such as transmission repairs or transmission flushes. Still, you may need to have your transmission completely overhauled. If you do, the best place in Kyle for these services is Reliable Automotive.

When you bring your car in for a transmission overhaul, our technicians will take your transmission out of your vehicle and start working to disassemble it. When that’s done, we’ll look at each part of your transmission, taking time to clean and replace parts that need extra attention. Finally, we’ll put your transmission back together and reinstall it in your car. As part of this service, we use only the best aftermarket and original parts.

Replacing your own transmission filter can be tempting if you’re trying to save money on auto maintenance. Perhaps you’ve seen a video on this task online and wondered if you should try it yourself. However, we’d advise against this since taking out and replacing your transmission filter can be highly dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Bringing your car to Reliable Automotive in Kyle is the most reliable way to take care of this job. In addition to a transmission filter change, we’d be happy to handle a transmission flush and replace worn parts in your transmission. Of course, all this work will be done by our ASE Certified mechanics.

There’s no transmission our Kyle auto repair shop’s crew can’t work on. Whether you have a standard automatic or manual transmission or something else (such as a 4×4, all-wheel-drive, heavy-duty, diesel, or CVT transmission), we can provide you with our full range of transmission services!

Without transmission fluid, your transmission won’t be able to do its job correctly. This fluid is responsible for lubricating transmission parts and cutting down on friction in the transmission. However, this fluid can gradually become dirty and lose its effectiveness. When that happens, getting a transmission fluid change is essential.

To find the transmission fluid change schedule you should follow, you’ll need to consider how old your vehicle is. If you own a newer car with an automatic transmission, you’ll probably want to get a transmission flush once every 60,000–100,000 miles or so (unless your vehicle has been designed not to need transmission fluid flushes). Older cars and cars with manual transmissions need transmission fluid changes a bit more often—about every 30,000–60,000 miles for general-duty use. On the other hand, you’ll need to change your transmission fluid every 15,000 miles if you are a heavy-duty vehicle driver.

Your transmission is one of the most pivotal parts of your car, so you shouldn’t let any random shop fix it for you. Instead, look for shops that deliver these benefits when you’re scheduling a transmission service:

  • Flexible scheduling methods. While calling over the phone is always an option, online scheduling may be more convenient for you.
  • Reasonable prices. In-depth transmission repairs aren’t exactly cheap, so every little bit you can save counts.
  • Highly qualified workers. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get a sense of how skilled a shop’s employees are. Look for auto shops that promote their ASE Certified technicians—these are the best employees in the business.
  • More than just transmission services. If something else goes wrong with your car, you’ll want to find a shop that can fix it all.

Bring your car to Reliable Automotive’s Kyle location for all these advantages and more! Scheduling an appointment is easy—just fill out our online form.

A transmission repair may be the most well-known transmission service, but you might also need other services in this category. These include transmission checks, cooler hose replacement, filter replacement, and transmission flushes—all of which we can take care of for you.

All sorts of red flags can point to transmission problems in your vehicle. Keep a close eye out for:

  • Difficulties staying in gear
  • Gear shift delays
  • Slippery feelings while shifting gears
  • Transmission fluid puddles coming from your vehicle’s underside
  • The smell of something burning
  • Odd grinding or humming noises while you’re driving
  • Excessive engine revving

Your vehicle’s transmission is among its most essential components. The transmission helps by taking power from your engine and delivering it to your wheels, allowing them to spin. It is also involved with the process of disengaging and idling your engine.