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It’s important for the braking system in your vehicle to be kept in top condition at all times. This is a critical matter of safety for you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road. Some repairs can wait, but brake replacement and brake pad replacement are not among those tasks that can be put off for another day. 

If you are experiencing issues with your braking system, come to Reliable Automotive, the best brake shop in Hays County. Our ASE-certified brake technicians can answer any questions you may have and guide you to pick out the best pads for your vehicle. 

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What Do Brake Pads Do?

Brake pads are a critical component of your braking system and they allow it to function properly. On cars with a disc braking system, the brake pads are activated by the driver stepping on the brake. The pressure and the friction causes the pads to press on the rotors, so the car can come to a stop.

But what if the pads are worn or defective? It’s easy to see the danger that can be caused by neglecting to care for the pads. About 30,000 accidents happen a year due to brake failure. You and your loved ones can be injured or worse, if a crash caused by neglecting a brake pad replacement or repair were to occur.

When Do Brake Pads Need to be Replaced or Repaired?

Below are a few red flags that can alert you to problems with the brake pads in your vehicle:

Squealing noises

If you press the brake and hear squealing or other annoying noises, you may have activated the built-in “wear indicator.” This device is put on brakes to alert the driver that the pads need attention. Don’t ignore it!

Clicking noise

This may be due to the device holding the pad or pads in place. There’s a chance that the part has become loose and may need to be checked.

“Brake fade”

A “brake fade” means it simply takes longer for the vehicle to stop. Depending how you drive, it can be causing the pads and rotors to overheat. This reduces the friction needed to stop the car, which is the main purpose of the brakes to begin with. Pay attention! 

Pulling to one side or the other

This can be caused by a number of things and one of them is that brake pads wear out differently in each position on the car. There are other causes for pulling but it needs to be checked out by your Reliable Automotive service staff as soon as possible. 

Vibration in the brake pedal

A type of resin holds brake pads together. Over time, the resin breaks down and it causes a vibration in the brakes. If you’re experiencing this with your vehicle, have a professional brake technician take a look at it.

Signs of trouble like these are too important to be ignored. Schedule an appointment with Reliable Automotive as soon as possible. 

What About Maintenance Checks for Brake Pads?

Most drivers don’t measure their brake pads to determine if they are worn enough to be replaced. This is one reason it is important to have a mechanic who has gained familiarity with your car over time. Records are kept on your vehicle that can alert the service staff that it’s time for your brake pads to be checked. 

New brake pads have 12mm of the material that produces the friction that stops or slows your car. Each time you take your vehicle into Reliable Automotive for a diagnostic check, our technicians will measure the pads for you. Once they get to about 3 – 4 mm, the technician may suggest replacing the pads. Worn pads can gouge out the rotors which can eventually leave you with a bigger, more expensive repair. 

Reliable Auto Is the Best Brake Shop in Hays County

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