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Regular maintenance, attention, and the desire to protect your family lead to a well-protected engine in your vehicle. Reliable Auto in Buda is ready to partner with you to keep your cars and trucks in top working order for as long as possible, without expensive repairs.

At the top of your maintenance list should be regular oil changes. A Buda oil change will give you the best customer service and an oil change that is thorough and cost-effective. We also offer special deals that help make the most out of every dollar you spend.

Our mechanics keep records of all the services provided to you, including oil changes. This is valuable information for both you and the shop. Take advantage of working with the most professional oil change specialists and service staff in the business. Use our online booking feature to save time while making an appointment.

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Clean Oil in Your Car Is Critical

But why? We often hear this advice all the time, but it’s important to understand why changing the oil in your vehicles (yes, all your vehicles) is so important and what can happen if you don’t.

1. Your warranty requires it.

Go get your owner’s manual right now. Find the section about oil changes and then read it thoroughly. Does your warranty require a full synthetic oil change, or is conventional oil acceptable? Is it necessary to change the oil every 3000 miles or every 5000 miles?

Most manufacturers have online portals for owners where you will find up-to-date information on your vehicle and how to care for it. You can even enter the dates and locations of where you get your warranty work done in case there is a question later. Don’t void your warranty simply because you never read the manual or because you avoided maintaining your car properly.

2. Your fuel bills depend on it.

You can’t control the gas prices, but you do have some control over how much gas you use. One way to accomplish this is by keeping clean oil flowing through a clean oil filter in your engine.

The oil that is not changed regularly with the oil filter is like letting the battery run down in one of your kid’s toys. It will run slower and slower until it finally just stops. The battery power is gone. Not changing the oil and filter in your car results in the oil getting dirtier and dirtier, which makes it thick and sluggish. More fuel is needed to compensate for the dirty oil, just to make the engine run. One day the engine will finally seize up, and then you’ll be stranded somewhere inconvenient or even unsafe.

3. Engine parts need oil to work.

The engine in a vehicle is made up of many moving metal parts. As with any machine, metal parts are not designed to scrape and rub against each other without lubrication. When you keep the oil in your car clean, those parts can work at maximum efficiency for a long time. But when the oil gets dirty, it can no longer keep the metal parts from rubbing against each other. Eventually, the parts will wear down. The engine will overheat and then seize up, all because it wanted clean engine oil.

4. An engine needs to be kept cool.

The oil in a car’s engine heats up from internal combustion. The oil travels near the combustion chamber, picking up a great deal of heat. The oil then carries the heat back into an oil tank, where it is siphoned off and released into the atmosphere outside the car. If the oil is dirty, it can’t accomplish this function, which could lead to another expensive disaster for the car and its owner.

5. The oil filter also needs attention.

The oil filter’s job is to separate bits of debris and contaminants from the oil. The oil is kept clean this way, but that means the filter eventually becomes blocked. If this happens, the oil can’t filter anymore, and it becomes dirty and allows friction to damage the engine. A reputable shop, like Reliable Auto, includes a new filter with every oil change.

6. Engine gunk will be eliminated.

Gunk, sludge, contaminants. Call it whatever you want. It doesn’t belong in your engine. It slows your engine down even though it heats up at the same time. Your car must work harder, and fuel efficiency goes down.

7. The environment is protected.

Avoiding an oil change in your vehicles can influence the environment. This effect might not be as obvious as a damaged engine, but dirty oil and a blocked filter allow harmful gases to enter the air we breathe. By changing your oil regularly, your car will be more environmentally friendly because fresh oil burns cleaner.

8. Emissions tests will be more successful.

Assessing the emissions from vehicles is one way that states try to improve the environment for the benefit of their citizens. Texas requires safety and emissions tests yearly. If your car is well-maintained with a routine oil and filter change, your vehicle will pass inspection and can be registered. To ensure you pass inspection and avoid spending even more money, make sure to get timely oil changes.

9. Other engine issues may be identified during an oil change.

Other engine issues may be identified during an oil change. When you arrive at a Reliable Auto shop for an oil change, our mechanic will look for other problems, too. A car’s engine has a lot of parts, and some of those parts interact with other systems in the car. As the oil and filter are changed, our professionals will check all those interactions and determine how the related systems are doing. This can help catch problems early to avoid more damage and helps save you from higher repair bills and even more time spent in the shop.

10. Your family depends on you.

Your family depends on you to keep all your vehicles well-maintained and safe for them. It doesn’t take much, but it does take a small investment in time and money to make sure your car doesn’t break down while on the road. Work with a Reliable Auto mechanic to stay on schedule with all your maintenance appointments, including regular oil changes. Your family deserves it!

Essential Protection for Your Car’s Engine

It’s easy to get caught up in your daily tasks and put off an oil change. It happens to everyone. But knowing the “why” behind keeping up with this necessary maintenance task can help you stay on track. Yes, it is time spent away from family and work, but Reliable Auto helps make sure you receive speedy service with online appointments. 

Reliable Auto also offers coupons for oil changes and many other services for your car. It might be tempting to get a cheap oil change, but you won’t be getting the quality service we offer. It takes regular maintenance, effort on your part as the owner, and your responsibility to everyone who drives your vehicle to protect the engine in your car. Your mechanic and the service staff at Reliable Auto will keep a record of every service we provide. This includes your oil changes, so we can make sure you always have that valuable information when you need it.

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