View from a car's cabin looking out through a cracked windshield

No car owner loves or wants a cracked or chipped windshield. Even if the damage seems minimal, broken windshields are distracting and unattractive. While small cracks in the windshield seem to be harmless because the windshield itself is still intact, driving with windshield damage of any kind is a worse idea than many think it is. The windshield is one of the most important protective elements of your vehicle. As the name suggests, it serves as a protective shield. Driving with a broken one is a safety hazard and can cause more trouble than it’s worth. The following points outline why.

It Obscures Your Vision

A broken windshield lowers your level of visibility while driving. When you have an undamaged windshield, you have a clear field of vision to perceive what is ahead of and around you. With a broken windshield, many things could go unnoticed. You might not see road signs, might not see pedestrians as they cross the street, and many other things. You will be guessing and doubting as you drive, not to mention breaking the road code while you’re at it. Doing this puts yourself and others at risk. Cracks in your windshield can even blind you as you drive due to the angle of the sun. The sun’s angle can cause the cracks to function as pocket-sized mirrors, putting your vision at serious risk.

It Can Implode At Any Moment

Having a broken windshield puts you at risk of numerous injuries. In specific instances, you are in danger of your windshield imploding while you drive. Changes in temperature and other atmospheric conditions such as snow and rain can cause the cracks to widen and spread. This can cause your windshield’s strength and support to deteriorate and increase the chances of the entire glass breaking. Hitting a curb or an unforeseen pothole can increase the risk of your windshield imploding. That in itself is catastrophic.

Your Airbag Won’t Work the Same

Airbags are installed in our vehicles as a way to buffer the extensive impact of a collision. When an airbag is activated, it spreads out against the windshield, the driver and the front-seat passenger. A broken windshield is unable to withstand the force of an inflated airbag.

Instead, the windshield can shatter, causing the airbag to spread outside of the vehicle. Support will not be provided either from the windshield or airbag, leaving both the driver and passengers unprotected and at risk of severe or fatal injuries.

The Roof of Your Car Will Be Left Unsupported

The windshield serves as a point of support for the roof of your vehicle. In the instance of car accidents, when the vehicle turns or rolls over, the windshield keeps the roof in place. Suppose the windshield is compromised in any way. In that case, the roof could collapse if it’s unable to support the weight of the car without assistance from the windshield.


A broken windshield is a serious matter. It hinders your vision and can’t perform its intended safety functions. Even small chips or cracks can lead to serious outcomes if left unaddressed. Get it repaired once the slightest crack is noticed.

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