oil leak that could lead to engine overheating

It’s no secret that motor oil can protect your vehicle’s engine from overheating. Even so, it’s easy to underestimate the role oil plays in controlling engine heat — this fluid is responsible for up to 40% of all engine cooling.

But since your oil will eventually degrade, you can’t afford to rely on the same oil for too long. Instead, you’ll need regular oil changes to manage your engine’s heat (and provide additional performance benefits for your vehicle).

How Can Oil Changes Keep Your Engine Cool?

As a car’s engine operates, its moving parts will inevitably generate heat — and that warmth could cause your engine to overheat if left alone. Fortunately, motor oil can help by absorbing and redirecting this heat.

That said, even the best motor oil doesn’t have an infinite life span. At some point, your oil will get dirty; when that happens, it will lose its heat-management abilities. If you leave your oil unchanged for long enough, it could even reflect heat, making it harder for your engine to run like it should.

When your oil starts to break down, there’s only one way to resolve this situation. You’ll need to schedule a full-service oil change at a trustworthy Hays County, TX auto shop before things can get worse.

Other Oil Change Benefits

Fresh motor oil’s ability to manage engine heat is definitely helpful, but this is far from the only advantage oil can deliver. Regular oil change service will also:

Keep Your Engine Clean

A clean engine is a functional engine, and motor oil can help keep it that way. As fresh oil circulates in your engine, it traps dirt and debris before neutralizing these materials with the help of your oil filter. But when your oil filter gets clogged and your oil starts collecting contaminants, it’s time to set up an oil change in Hays County, TX.

Lubricate Engine Parts

If your engine’s moving parts aren’t thoroughly lubricated by clean motor oil, they’ll start grinding against each other — and that can do a lot of damage to your engine’s inner workings. Motor oil will become less effective at lubricating these parts over time, but an oil change service can help set things right.

Boost Your Fuel Efficiency

Thanks to oil’s heat management and lubricating abilities, engines can run as smoothly as possible when they have access to fresh oil. As a result, they won’t have to burn as much fuel to function — lowering your vehicle’s fuel consumption and helping you save money at the pump.

Keep Rust at Bay

When rust has an opportunity to develop inside your engine, there’s a chance that rust flakes will break off and contaminate your oil. That’s why most leading oil brands include additives designed to stop internal rust before it can get a foothold.

What Oil Type Is Best at Heat Management?

Though any type of motor oil can prevent your engine from overheating, you should know that switching to a different type of oil can affect your ability to control engine heat — for better or worse. Here’s how three widely used oil types stack up in terms of heat management:

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is the most popular and affordable motor oil type on the market today. But while you might assume it also delivers the best performance, that isn’t the case. Conventional oil won’t be able to cool your engine as effectively as other products in this category.

Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic oil is formulated with the goal of reaching extremely high-performance standards, meaning it can keep friction to a minimum and transfer heat as quickly as possible. And while it technically costs more than conventional oil, full synthetic oil also has a much longer life span — allowing you to wait longer between one synthetic oil change and the next.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Finally, synthetic blend oil is a mixture of the two oil types described above. This allows it to serve as a midrange oil option in every possible way, including heat-management capabilities.

Enjoy the Best Oil Change in Hays County, TX

When you need an oil change in Hays County, TX, you deserve the best. With that in mind, you’ll want to look for a local auto shop that offers perks such as:

  • Qualified mechanics. No one knows more about car repair and maintenance than ASE-certified mechanics, so you’ll want your go-to auto shop to employ these workers.
  • Full-service oil changes. In addition to changing your oil, the technicians handling your oil change should take care of additional maintenance services as part of this job.
  • Money-saving opportunities. Truly great auto shops offer deals in the form of online coupons, helping customers take care of their vehicles without breaking the bank.
  • Handy locations. Do you live in San Marcos, Buda, or Kyle? If so, you deserve an auto shop that provides the services you need within your community.

If you want to benefit from all these advantages and more, Reliable Automotive has you covered. We offer the best synthetic oil changes in all of Hays County, and we have the strong local reputation to prove it. Get started by scheduling your oil change today!

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