A mechanic smiling from underneath a vehicle in the shop

Routine maintenance is an unavoidable part of owning a vehicle. For most people, that means visiting an auto shop a couple times a year at the very minimum. Your auto mechanic is someone you can expect to see a lot of, as you’ll be relying on them for not only routine maintenance but also problem diagnostics and even emergency repairs. This makes it important to find a mechanic you can trust and stick with them once you find them. Rather than jumping around from one mechanic to another, it’s best to find someone you know will do the job right and establish a good relationship with them.

How do you build a good relationship with your auto mechanic? Here are some tips:

1. Demonstrate Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is one way of building a good relationship with your mechanic. Mechanics are pros at what they do, so what you need to do as a consumer is find one you can rely on and always trust him or her with your car when you need repairs done. Be a loyal customer to the auto shop, and they will always be pleased to see you as a returning customer. If you keep going to the same auto shop, your mechanic will always be appreciative that you chose him or her. They will take pride in satisfying a loyal customer and strive to make the customer experience worth the money you pay.

2. Pay on Time

As is the case with all paid services, money plays an important role in your relationship with an auto mechanic. While trying to build a good rapport, always pay on time once you have your car repaired or serviced. Even if you’re a regular customer at the auto shop and everyone there knows you, don’t think you can get away with paying whenever it suits you. There are instances where you may not have the cash with you after a repair job is complete, but you should always do your best to pay the full amount on time. Also, if your mechanic exceeded your expectations, you should consider leaving a tip if you’re feeling generous. It won’t go unappreciated!

3. Refer Clients

Bringing more business to your mechanic also makes them happy, as that tells them you are satisfied with the service offered. Referring to your friends, colleagues, and family members in need of a mechanic will help ensure you have a good relationship with him/her. Once your referrals visit the auto shop and bring business to it, you might even enjoy privileges such as discounts and quality services since you’re helping to grow the brand. While referring people, be sure to tell them to mention you as the referee to get credit for the referral next time you visit.

4. Don’t Cheap Out

Buying a car and maintaining it isn’t a small investment. As a vehicle owner, you should be ready to pay for your auto shop’s repairs without having to argue about cheaper ways of fixing a problem. A good mechanic will always have your vehicle’s health as the top priority and advise on the best course of action. Ignoring their expertise or assuming you know better isn’t always the best idea.

If your mechanic recommends a fix that turns out to be expensive, you may be tempted to forego their recommendation and instead put a band-aid on the problem. This will inevitably lead you to come back with the same issue and ask your mechanic for repairs again. Your mechanic will probably not be too happy to have to redo a job that could have been done right the first time; hence, following their advice the first time is usually the way to go.

Listen to your mechanic’s advice on repairs, and weigh the options they give you. Remember that auto mechanics aren’t perfect either. Once you consider all of your options and are ready to proceed, ask them for assistance on where to buy any needed parts and let the mechanic handle the repairs for you. Trusting your mechanic’s judgement will go a long way towards establishing a good relationship that will benefit both of you.

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