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Purchasing a new car can be exciting. Before you buy a new or used car, there are a few things you need to research first. One of those things is a warranty. It covers necessary repairs and other various things that may go out in the first few years you have the car. You can also opt for extended warranties that can cover your vehicle for longer and for more extensive repairs and service for issues that may arise. The extended warranty may cost you more than you expect but in many cases it is worth it. You also need to note that the car warranty does not cover some routine maintenance such as brake pad changing and oil change. In this article, we will discuss the types of things that car warranties cover as well as different types of car warranties.

Things That a Car Warranty Covers

When buying a new car, you need to make sure it has a warranty to cover the cost of repairs. Many times warranties are based upon different levels of milage that have been put on the car. This means that if you sell your car at a specific set of miles and the warranty covers past the number of miles you have driven on the car, then it is still under warranty when the new owner assumes ownership. The warranty does not start over once the new owner buys the car, but instead, the range of coverage continues from the number of miles put on the car to the max amount of miles for the warranty.

You also need to note that the warranty does not cover damages from accidents or regular wear and tear. Things such as damages and accidents that you inflict on your car as well as regular wear and tear repairs will come out of your own pocket. Here is the list of things covered by your car warranty:

  • Repairing or fixing transmission parts
  • Once electronic parts like AC fails to function.
  • Issues related to the entertainment system
  • Defect in seatbelts and airbags
  • Fixing engine parts
  • option to add roadside assistance

Types of Car Warranty

Before you decide on purchasing a car, you need to be aware of the different available levels of car warranty which are usually based on miles driven and the matienence your car will require once it reaches those miles. The length of the warranty and the miles driven for each milestone on your warranty will depend on the manufacturer. Before purchasing a new vehicle it’s a great idea to review the types of coverage the different levels of warranties allow.

1. Emission warranty

The government sets laws on meeting emission standards. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to cover the parts used in meeting emission standards. Emission warranties are in place to ensure that if the vehicle is not passing an emissions test when its first manufactured that the manufacturer will have to fix that.

2. Powertrain warranty

The warranty covers the parts of the car that enhance movements. It covers aspects such as engines, seals, wheels, and driveshafts.

3. Bumper to Bumper warranty

Bumper to Bumper warranties are just as they sound – the cover the parts of the cars that are not included in the powertrain drivetrain warranty. The parts that are covered are the air conditioning system, airbags, seatbelts, and rearview cameras.

4. Corrosion warranty

When it comes to the Corrosion Warranty, newer cars usually don’t experience this problem in drier temperate climates, but it can be a good idea to add this if you will be driving the vehicle in harsher climates or if the vehicle is over a certain amount of years old.

5. Drivetrain warranty

This type of warranty refers to a limited version of the powertrain warranty and covers all the parts such as the transmission, driveshaft, axles, and wheels. This type of warranty does not cover the engine.


If you are planning on purchasing a new or used vehicle it is always important to review the warranty options as well as the existing warranties on used vehicles before you decide what type of warranty is best for you as a driver. The choice to add extended warranties or just stay with the manufacturer’s warranty is up to you.

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