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Here in central Texas, we experience extremely hot summers that seem to go on forever. Every Texan driver has experienced the rush of heat you feel when getting in your car on a hot July afternoon when temperatures have reached over a hundred degrees. Especially in these summer months, keeping your vehicle’s air conditioner working well can be the difference between a regular commute home from work and a miserable sweat drenched car ride. Because of this, we have compiled some tips on how to keep your air conditioner maintained and running cold, keeping you comfortable and your car out of the shop.

Fill Your Coolant

Checking the coolant and keeping it filled is one easy way to help your air conditioning pump cool air into your vehicle. When adding coolant, it is important to make sure that your engine is cool, and that you have purchased the right coolant for your vehicle (most are a combination of antifreeze and water). Found under the hood, most coolant reservoirs are white, and you want to open it by slowly twisting the cap with a rag. Using a funnel, fill the reservoir with coolant up to the max line, tighten the lid, and you have successfully put coolant into your vehicle!

Have Your Radiator Flushed

One way to keep your air conditioner and other parts of your engine working properly is to have your radiator flushed by your mechanic every two years or so. This process helps keep debri out of the radiator and also helps prevent corrosion. Getting rid of the different contaminants helps your cooling system run at the right temperature, allowing your air conditioner to perform effectively all year long.

Use the Air Conditioner

While this probably isn’t a huge ask for you Texans on the road, it is important to be sure that your vehicle’s air conditioner does get turned on regularly in order to keep it running properly. As the air conditioning is running, different oils are circulated through the system working as a lubricant that is a vital part of a properly working system. Letting your air conditioning run on high every now and then also keeps mildew, dust, and other particles from building up in your system so that it can work properly and circulate fresh air when you need it.

Change Air Filters

Your air filters work to keep different forms of debri and dust from circulating through your system that could otherwise cause harm to your vehicle. However, the dirtier those filters get, the more restricted the air is when you have the air conditioning running. Check your owner’s manual to see how regularly you should be changing your air filters for your specific vehicle, or ask your mechanic!

Use the Shade to Your Advantage

Parking your car in the shade can drastically reduce the temperature inside of it. When you do this, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work quite as hard to get your car to a comfortable temperature, and the results speak for themselves! If there is no shade, consider investing in a windshield sun shade to help reduce the sunlight coming in through the windshield.

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