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Your vehicle’s transmission is a complex piece of equipment that is made up of multiple gears and shafts that takes power from the engine and utilizes and disperses it throughout the vehicle so that it can get you where you need to be. If something is wrong with your transmission, your vehicle cannot run properly. There are a couple of signs that issues are developing under your vehicle’s hood, and if you begin experiencing them, you will want to have your vehicle checked out by a professional San Marcos mechanic. Catching problems with your transmission early is key in avoiding costly repairs or worse, irreversible damage. Here are a few common symptoms that mean you need to a transmission repair.

Burning Smell

If you ever smell a burning odor coming from your engine, this is likely a sign of a transmission issue and you will want to have this checked out immediately. This odor could be indicating a couple of different things, from the transmission overheating to old or burning transmission fluid. When you first notice the hint of a burning odor, the best thing you can do for your vehicle is get it to your mechanic before the issue escalates.

Slipping Transmission

One early warning that your transmission is having issues is if you experience it slipping. Examples of a slipping transmission can look like the acceleration being delayed, the gears shifting abnormally hard, or the RPMs going excessively high randomly while driving at a normal pace. These are all symptoms of transmission issues that you will want your local auto repair experts to be aware of so they can identify the source of the problem.

Leaking Fluid

One of the easiest symptoms to identify when it comes to transmission issues is a fluid leak. Transmission fluid is typically slick and a red color, but it can also be a brownish color if it needs to be changed. If you notice oil underneath your car after it has been parked, you can start by consulting your owner’s manual to see how to check your fluid level. If it is low, it might be due to a leak.

Rough Gear Change

If your car is having issues with shifting gears, this is probably an indication that you need transmission work. Another symptom, more common in automatic vehicles, is a grinding or shaking when the gears do shift. It’s important to get your vehicle to your mechanic if you feel or hear anything strange while shifting as it is typically an indication of transmission issues.

Check Engine Light

Your check engine light could be an indicator of a wide range of issues, even small ones. Your dashboard has several lights to let you know if your tire pressure is off, your engine is overheating, if your gas is low, if the sensors are busted, and much more. It’s always best to find out what is causing your check engine light to come on because while it might be as simple as a loose gas cap, it could also be an indication of an issue with your transmission.

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