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In our modern era, a working vehicle is a must have. Especially here in Texas where public transit is not a major staple, we rely on our personal vehicles to get us to work, school, and everywhere else. Because of this, it is important to maintain your car and keep it in the best possible working condition. Just like it is wise to get yearly check ups for your physical health, there are a few things you can do for your vehicle to keep it running properly as well. Having a yearly diagnostic test performed on your vehicle is one of the best preventative practices you can use to keep your vehicle safely on the road.

How it Works

Diagnostic tests are relatively new in the automotive industry. Ever since vehicles have been running mainly on computer chips and sensors, the ability to locate a problem in your vehicle has become very simple for an auto technician. The various components of your vehicle are connected like any digital piece of technology, and when an auto diagnostic test is run and there is an issue with one of these parts, a trouble code is reported. This helps your technician easily identify where there is a problem, if any, in your vehicle. One thing that is important to note: a diagnostic test does not specify necessarily what the problem is, but where it is. After the test is run, your technician will then use his or her expertise to approach and solve the problem at hand.

What is Tested

Diagnostic tests will report back codes for almost all of the major components of your vehicle like the engine, brakes, transmission, and exhaust system as well as the fuel injection system, coolant and air flow, the various sensors throughout your vehicle, and more. Sometimes, your check engine light comes on due to something as trivial as your gas cap not being tightened properly, but it can also be a symptom of something more serious as well. This is why diagnostic tests are so convenient! Your technician is able to pinpoint the problem without having to do a bunch of trial and error repairs, saving you a lot of time and money!

When to Get a Diagnostic Test Run

There are many reasons you might find yourself wanting to have a diagnostic test run. For instance, if you notice something is off with your vehicle, like a specific noise or smell or the check engine light is on, a diagnostic test is likely the best place to start in the repair process. However, it’s never really a bad time to have a diagnostic test done on your vehicle. There are a handful of regular maintenance processes like changing the oil or rotating the tires that you commit to when owning a vehicle. In order to be confident that your vehicle is in proper working condition, yearly diagnostic tests should be added to this list as well! This way, you are never surprised by unexpected repairs, and you have the benefit of early detection of those inevitable repairs that do arise.

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