Engine check performed by an ASE certified mechanic in Kyle TX

When a car is brought in for repair, the owner wants assurance that the technician has been properly trained and knows what they are doing. For most people, vehicles are a necessity that can turn into an expensive and costly endeavor for families very quickly.

What is an ASE Certification?

The ASE certification was created by a non-profit organization known as the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. This certification delivers the security and peace of mind to owners of motor vehicles since comprehensive testing and certification of automobile professionals is required before certification is completed. Anyone who is in the market for a mechanic should keep an eye out for the ASE certification at the mechanic’s shop since it’s recognized as the “Gold” standard when it comes to automobile professionals.

ASE certification has been around since the year 1972. The certification basically stamps a mechanic as an expert in the field indicating that they have undergone the proper training, has had the correct level of commitment to their profession and is engaging in continuing education and they conduct themselves as a professional amongst the community.

Is It Hard To Get?

Mechanics that carry the ASE certification are considered to be a quality candidate to be employed within the automobile industry. Even if one mechanic is certified, the shop can display the blue and white sign which reveals ASE certification at the location. The criteria to become ASE certified is very specific as the application process can be very complex. The person who applies for ASE certification must be able to show they have worked for at least two years in the automobile industry and they must be able to complete and pass at least one of the specialized examinations. These examinations are offered only twice a year to those who apply.

Does It Matter?

ASE certifications matter because owners of motor vehicles have the right to know that their cars are being repaired and serviced by the most professional and best mechanics in the business. An ASE certification gives consumers the assurance and knowledge that the mechanic has a mastery of his profession. There are many automobile repair shop choices as well as technicians available on the market today and, as such, ASE certification is a seal of approval which gives consumers the knowledge that there is at least one mechanic or serviceman on the premises that has achieved this high standard.

Business owners also benefit by hiring an ASE certified mechanic since they will have the confidence that they have brought on board experienced mechanics and serviceman which will draw new customers to their shop and will also keep the current customers coming back time and again.

In the final analysis, make sure any mechanic that you hire is ASE certified so that you know that the repairs that are being performed on your car are being performed by a highly trained and committed professional. Once you find an ASE certified mechanic with whom you are comfortable with, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in the best possible hands.

Where Can You Find an ASE Certified Mechanic in Kyle TX?

You don’t need to look far to find dependable auto repair technicians in Central Texas. Stop by one of our locations in Kyle, Buda or San Marcos, Texas to see the difference an ASE certification can make.

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