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While the summer temperatures are steadily rising, you want your daily drive to and from various destinations to be cool and comfortable. The vehicle is running fine until suddenly you notice an undetectable sound, and then smell of heat. It does not take long to realize that the car is running hot. You begin to panic because you know that when an engine over heats, it could be a major expense especially if it is not taken care of immediately. You are uncertain if you should drive it any farther, or call for road side assistance. You do no want to increase the damage, so the safest option would be to call for service.

What’s Causing It?

An over heating engine could have several causes. An expert technician can diagnose the cause very quickly. Usually the over heating is a result of something inside the cooling system that is not allowing the transportation, absorption, or the release of heat. There are various reasons why this happens.

  • A leak in one of the components that make up the cooling system could be the reason. It could be a leak in the radiator, water, pump, thermostat housing, or hoses that need repairing.
  • There may be coolant issues. If you are not using the specified coolant that is recommended in the owner’s manual, you will eventually have problems with over heating.
  • There could be some blocked hoses. If the coolant is installed properly, and the system is alright, there may be some dirt blockages in the hoses.
  • A radiator problem is a very common cause of engine overheating. If the radiator does not leak, it could be clogged, or blocked, or there could be a problem with the radiator fan.
  • A broken water pump means that coolant cannot pump and propel the engine coolant so that it flows throughout the system

What To Do

If you notice that your vehicle is overheating, turn on the heater in the car. This will help push the hot air out of the engine compartment. It is best not to ignore this problem, or wait for a better day to take it to the shop. Continuing to drive a vehicle after it has started to overheat could result in the replacement of the engine which could be very costly. There are many warning signs when a car overheats which give ample time to save other parts from being damaged as well.

Play It Safe

There are some safety factors to remember when a car overheats, and the first is to make sure to pull the car into a safe location. Do not try to open the hood of the car until it has cooled completely according to the temperature gauge. Check the anti freeze level, and do not try to open the radiator cap until it is cooled. You are probably not the one to determine why your vehicle overheated. Wait for an experienced auto repair serviceman to give a proper diagnosis. It could be a minor repair, and they could have you back in the driver’s seat, and on the road in a very short time.

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