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If you have ever taken your car in for a tune-up or to get regular maintenance done, then you have more than likely been told that you should get at least one of your car’s filters changed. If you are a good car owner, then you probably went along with it and got them changed, but chances are that you did not really know what you were doing or why you needed new filters in the first place. If you didn’t change them, what would really happen? Would your car break down? Would you be able to breathe? There are two main filters in your car: the air filter and the engine filter. Below is a guide that explains what each is, their functions, and when you need to change them.

What is the Cabin Air Filter?

When you are inside your car and breathing naturally as all humans do, then you are breathing air that gets filtered through what is known as the cabin air filter. The cabin air filter traps all of the dust, pollutants, dirt, and other gross particles that get in the air and can harm you when you breathe. In essence, it makes sure that the air that you are inhaling is fresh. If you have a dirty cabin air filter, you will end up breathing in things like pollen, mold, bacteria, car smoke, dirt, dust mites, car chemicals, etc. It is absolutely vital to make sure your cabin air filter gets changed when recommended so that you stay healthy when you drive.

What is the Engine Air Filter?

In much the same way that you breathe, your car breathes as well. The air that goes through the engine gets filtered but instead of being filtered through the cabin, it goes through an engine air filter that is found in the engine itself. The same pollutants that can get into the cabin of your car such as pollen, road dust, dirt, chemicals from the exhaust, etc. can also get into the engine. If these dirty pollutants are allowed to get into your engine, it can build up and cause it to not be able to perform at its peak performance. Your engine needs clean air in order to operate the way it should which is why it is important to change it when it is time to do so.

When to Change the Cabin Air Filter

Your cabin air filter should be changed every 30,000 miles just as you change your oil. This will make sure that the air in your car is good quality and that the airflow, whether air or heat, flows significantly better. A new cabin air filter can make the air feel less stale or musty when the air is turned on.

When to Change the Engine Air Filter

Your engine air filter should also be changed every 30,000 miles. It can help you get more gas mileage, better your air-flow, and improve the way your engine is able to perform. It will help to protect your engine from wear and tear and keep you from having to pay for expensive, preventable, engine repairs down the road.

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