Woman in the passenger seat of a convertible enjoying a summer road trip

Summer is the season for road trips, traveling, and spending time out on the town enjoying fun in the sun. While the summer heat is perfect for enjoying a on the river or at the beach, it can be demanding on your car. The last thing you want to happen while you’re on the road…

A dashboard odometer showing 240,970 miles

The life span of a vehicle doesn’t end when it reaches 100,000 miles plus. Taking proper care of a high mileage vehicle will keep it running like the day it came off the lot. Not only can proper maintenance enable a vehicle to last longer than 100,000 miles, but it also saves money in the…

An SUV exiting our San Marcos auto service shop after receiving a tune up.

A lot of people understand that a car’s longevity is only going to last as long as you treat your car right. You can’t expect to make a car last if you never put oil in it. Similarly, when it comes to making sure you are getting the most utility out of your vehicle, you…

SUV on a dirt trail overlooking a hill country view

If you have ever taken your vehicle off-road, then you know that a lot more is involved than getting some mud stuck in your grill. It also includes digging through deep sand and mud, kicking up rocks, and taking a dip through streams. Off-roading is more than a hobby. In fact, many enjoy it as…

Example of a flat tire from our car service shop in San Marcos TX

While there are many different causes for car accidents, tire failures are a major contributor. If your tire is defective or becomes damaged, it can cause a serious injury or even death. Being familiar with the possible hazards is the first step to preventing them. Keep reading for a list of the most common ways…

A transmission gear shift at our auto repair shops in San Marcos and Kyle TX

We all get a sense of pride and accomplishment from taking care of our vehicles. Ensuring that the transmission of your car is in good condition can cut down on a lot of costly repairs. Your transmission lends power to the engine and is a crucial element to making sure that it runs smoothly. Take…

Mechanic performing emission test

Vehicle emissions tests are critical for an abundance of reasons. If you get one of these tests done, then your vehicle may operate in a manner that’s a lot more efficient. These tests can contribute to vehicles that are safe and reliable. These tests can even help drivers and passengers take in air that’s especially…

mechanic working on car

In our previous article we discussed some common ways to prevent engine damage to your vehicle. Since this is one of the most expensive parts inside your vehicle, it’s important you should take every step available to you to prevent damage. We continue with some other common ways to prevent engine damage. There are a…

Mechanic performing vehicle maintenance - Auto Maintenance & Repair and Car Engine Diagnostic Services at Reliable Automotive in San Marcos, Tx

When it comes to car maintenance and problem prevention, there are plenty of things you can do that can help. From tire realignment, to checking brakes and oil levels, maintaining your vehicle doesn’t always have to be a big project. But when it comes to problems that prevent your car from running right like engine…

Mechanic completes free brake check in San Marcos TX

Regular routine maintenance on a vehicle is the best insurance against expensive repairs. Everyone knows the importance of consistent oil changes, but one aspect of maintenance that is sometimes overlooked is getting your vehicle’s brakes inspected. It is recommended that vehicles undergo comprehensive brake checks once every six months. This is ideal since the brake…

An SUV exiting our San Marcos auto service shop after receiving a tune up.

Owning a vehicle means more than just getting in and driving everyday. Many people are not aware of the importance of proper maintenance when it comes to their automobiles. Seasoned drivers know that the oil must be changed every few thousand miles, and that regular tune ups are essential. New drivers may need reminders, and…

Thank You Kyle, Texas! Your Auto Repair Mechanic in Kyle TX give appreciation.

Tuesday, March 10th 2020, local auto shop Reliable Automotive held their first Car Care Clinic at their new location in Kyle, TX. The event was free to the public and offered anyone attending the opportunity to learn basic maintenance tips about their vehicle.

Reliable Automotive Staff

Among other topics, our certified mechanics taught attendees how to check their vehicles’ fluids and gauges, tire air pressure, how to change a tire, and more. In addition to learning how to extend the life of their vehicle, those who attended the clinic were gifted free safety kits to keep in their cars for when trouble strikes on the road.

Have a Bite!

Aside from providing free information to the community about vehicle maintenance and safety, the staff at Reliable Automotive also provided food free at the event. Sausage wraps, BBQ, and even cake were served to anyone attending.

Thanks to Everyone Who Partnered with Us

The staff at Reliable Automotive put incredible effort into making the Car Care Clinic a success. They were helped along by the efforts of several local organizations that pitched in to bring even more excitement to the event. 104.9 The Horn appeared for a broadcast and gave out badges for their Ultimate Listener Appreciation Party on May 2nd, 2020, Quantum Towing helped provide food, the Kyle Police Department provided security, the Johnson High School Rosettes came to support the event, and Longhorns players Ricky Williams, Fozzy Whittaker, Marcus Johnson, and D’onta Foreman all made appearances to take photos and sign autographs. Everyone at Reliable Automotive was pleased with the success of the event and would like to extend a truly heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended and assisted at the Car Care Clinic. We can’t wait to see everyone again at future events!
Hydroplaning Tire

Driving is an everyday experience. Being on the roads always exposes the driver and passengers to the possibilities of incidents and accidents. One contributor of accident is the result of hydroplaning. This refers to the short term or long term lost of vehicular control occurring when the tire of the vehicle looses contact with the…

Under the hood view of a truck

If you have ever taken your car in for a tune-up or to get regular maintenance done, then you have more than likely been told that you should get at least one of your car’s filters changed. If you are a good car owner, then you probably went along with it and got them changed,…

Car Fuses

The fuses in the car can overheat or meltdown leading to additional issues. If one small fuse is blown this can cause a lot of problems and the car may not run until the fuse is replaced. These are some tips for checking the fuses to determine which fuse may no longer be working. How…

Front of auto shop in Buda Texas

Brake repairs can be costly, but your brakes are an important part of safe driving. Luckily, you can take action to help your brakes last longer today, whether at home or on the road.

Take Your Time

Higher speeds increase brake activity, which can cause early wear on them over time. When you drive, try to maintain a lower speed so that your brakes don’t have to work as hard to stop the vehicle. Remember, if you don’t get to a high speed, then you won’t have to press your brakes hard trying to get back down to a lower, normal speed. Keeping this in mind while driving can help you pay more attention to how you use your brakes.

Drive with One Foot

Most drivers only use one foot for the pedals when driving an automatic. However, many aren’t aware of just how important it is to not hit the gas and brakes simultaneously. Your brakes have to work against the forward motion of your vehicle, so hitting your accelerator and brakes together causes both to be overworked. This is detrimental for not only your brakes, but for your acceleration as well.

Go with the Flow

Instead of speeding up to the closest car, try to maintain the perfect distance. If you maintain the perfect distance, then you won’t have to pressure your brakes at all. Not having to press your brakes at all will increase the amount of time they can stay on your vehicle. Soon, you will become very experienced in these practices and save a lot of money over time. Envision the traffic flow and go with it.

Watch Out for Other Cars

Keep an eye out for other vehicles that are stopped or driving slowly ahead of you. If you can spot slow or stopped vehicles soon enough, you can either adjust your speed slowly, instead of slamming your brakes, or move to another lane of traffic if necessary so you don’t have to brake hard. Giving yourself the chance to slowly decelerate or move around a slowed vehicle will be less harsh on your brakes than having to stop quickly.

Slow Instead of Pumping Your Brakes

Instead of pressing your brakes hard, just coast, reach a lower speed, and then press your brakes (if you absolutely need to). A lot of times, you won’t even need to use your brakes, because at a lower speed, you tend to be able to continue driving with the flow of traffic.

Better for Your Brakes

Brakes can usually last over 125,000 kilometers. Driving mindfully can help keep your brakes from experiencing too much wear and tear before their natural lifespan ends. Additionally, driving with careful use of your brakes will feel better than hitting the brakes hard often. You ride will feel smoother, safer, and will be better for your vehicle and passengers.

Contact Reliable Automotive, an auto repair shop with locations in Buda TX, to make an appointment to get brake check today.

Windshield wipers on car

Windshield wipers might seem like an insignificant aspect of your vehicle, but they play a crucial role in your safety and your car’s drivability. Mainly, your windshield wipers will directly affect your visibility which is one of the most essential factors in safe driving. Odds are, if your windshield wipers are not performing properly, you…

Car on Road with snow

Winter riding can become difficult for almost all motorists. It really doesn’t matter if you live in an area where everyone sees piles of snow and huge ice balls each and every winter, or if you probably live down south. Additionally, you only have a few weeks of this type of weather. It is always…

Driving a car on snow

Now that we are well into the fall months, it’s time to prepare for the colder months ahead! While snowfall might signify some of our favorite holiday traditions, winter weather also has certain implications when it comes to your driving. Yearly, around 75,000 people are injured in traffic accidents on snow or ice covered roads….

Car with Check engine light on

If you do not have a background in car mechanics, it can be tough to diagnose the large multitude of issues that can arise in your vehicle. Paying attention to the many signs and symptoms of a failing vehicle can be tough, and sometimes, there isn’t any obvious signs of an issue like a specific…

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