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Performing a DIY oil change is very tempting for many drivers. Yes, technically, you could change your vehicle’s engine oil on your own. Generally speaking, it’s a pretty easy and straightforward preventative maintenance task. But should you do it yourself? That’s the real question.

In this article, we’ve broken down exactly why changing your own oil is not the best route to take to keep your engine protected and your vehicle running at its best for the longest amount of time.

The Pros of Leaving Your Oil Change Service to the Professionals in Hays County, TX

Yes, doing your own oil change can provide a sense of pride in the fact that you know how to do it yourself. And for some, tinkering on their vehicles, no matter how long it takes, is a stress-relieving outlet.

But the benefits of leaving your engine’s oil change service up to a professional mechanic far outweigh doing it yourself. Find out more about oil changes and where to get one in our Comprehensive Oil Change Guide. Some of the benefits of leaving your engine’s oil change service up to a professional  include:

Less Time Commitment

For most people, their days are already packed with things they have to get done and places they have to be. And for many, the saying holds true: time is money. So, taking the time out to change your own oil can mean a big chunk of the day, especially if you are a novice at it.

ASE-certified mechanics at a professional Hays County auto shop, like Reliable Automotive, perform dozens of oil changes a week. So, not only do they have the experience to do it properly, but they’ll get it done much faster. Even if you have to wait at the shop, it will more than likely be less time than you’ll spend doing your oil change yourself.

Reduced Chance of an Expensive Mistake

As mentioned above, professional mechanics can almost do an oil change with their eyes closed because they have much more experience than most DIYers.

Even if you invest in the necessary materials and equipment to perform your own oil change service, if you make a mistake, it’s going to cost you. And if you’re just learning how to do an oil change, that mistake is probably not something you’re properly equipped to fix.

At that point, what you’ve done in the quest to save a few dollars and feel accomplished has now incurred additional costs, ones that are likely more expensive than having a professional oil change service done (even using synthetic oil).

The other advantage here concerns the event that something does happen during your oil change. Let’s say that fifteen minutes after leaving the auto shop, your “Check Engine” light comes on. It’s on the mechanic to address this issue, not you. You can turn right around and take your vehicle back to the shop.

Less of a Safety Risk

To Perform an oil change, the vehicle has to be raised high enough to allow for maneuverability underneath it. To do this for a DIY oil change, most people use wheel ramps or a car jack. Others have even tried parking the front wheels of the vehicle on a curb to raise it enough. With any of these methods, if not done properly, they can not only damage your vehicle but also cause you serious injury if the vehicle drops.

Improper use or defective car jacks injure thousands of people yearly. To avoid adding your name to that list, leave your oil change service in Hays County to a professional auto shop. They will have safe, automated vehicle lifts that will properly raise your vehicle and significantly reduce the chance of any injury.

No Need To Worry About Materials

Unless you do it often, changing your own oil means purchasing everything needed to properly complete this service. And it’s much more than just the new oil.

You’ll need a car jack stand (or wheel ramps), rubber gloves, a container for the old oil to go in, a funnel, a new oil filter, and the new oil itself. The total cost can add up very quickly if you don’t have all these items on hand.

A professional auto shop will already have all of these items, and the cost of them changing your oil will still probably be cheaper.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Oil Disposal

For many DIYers, where to take the old oil is not often something they initially think about when considering changing their oil. Legally, you can’t just throw a container of oil into the trash. The old oil has to be disposed of at a hazardous waste facility.

Locating one of these facilities and taking the oil there can be more aggravating than many initially expect. When you leave your oil change service to a the pros, they’re already prepared to handle the oil disposal properly.

Other Potential Issues Can Be Caught Earlier

Having an ASE-certified mechanic in Hays County perform your oil change also means that the rest of your vehicle gets inspected by an expert set of eyes. The mechanic will notice any immediate problems, catch small issues early, and suggest when other fluids and filters will need to be replaced. This can save a significant amount of money by preventing smaller things from becoming much larger and more expensive problems down the road.

One sign of a great mechanic and auto service shop is when the suggested services after an oil change (if any) are not immediate, and are recommended for some point down the road. This gives you more opportunity to save and plan for unavoidable repairs and services that can sometimes still be costly in terms of labor and parts required, even when addressed early.

You’ll Have a Trusted Auto Service Professional When You Need One

One of the consequences of changing your oil yourself is that you don’t have the valuable opportunity to establish a relationship with a professional mechanic that you can count on.

In general, a good auto service shop will be invested in providing excellent service, no matter what service is needed. Trusting your vehicle to a professional auto repair shop for routine maintenance like oil changes will also mean that you have a go-to person in the event that your vehicle needs more extensive work. You won’t have to worry about finding a professional mechanic that you can trust if something happens; you’ve already got one on speed dial.

You Can Count on the Oil Change Pros at Reliable Automotive

As you can see, there are many valuable benefits to leaving your engine’s oil change service to the professionals to handle. Doing so will save you time and prevent added expenses and avoidable headaches while also ensuring that your engine can run its best.

So, when you need an oil change in Hays County, don’t worry about trying to do it yourself. Leave it to the ASE-certified mechanics at Reliable Automotive. We specialize in keeping your engine protected and running optimally. Whether that means the highest levels of protection with synthetic oil or giving your older engine the extra help it needs with high-mileage oil, we’ve got you covered.

If it is time for an oil change, contact us to schedule an appointment at your closest Reliable Automotive location today!

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