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Regular auto maintenance is a big part of being a responsible driver, and few maintenance services are more crucial than an oil change. You’ll want to consider how often you need an oil change to get the most out of this service.

If you wait too long between your next oil change service, your car could quickly run into serious problems. On the other hand, scheduling oil changes too often could result in you paying for this service more often than you need.

Are you wondering how to create your vehicle’s perfect oil change schedule? Keep reading for our recommendations for creating a proper oil change schedule in Hays County, TX.

How Often Do You Need Oil Change Service?

No motor vehicle can function properly without access to clean oil. Motor oil reduces friction in your engine, transfers heat away from sensitive engine components, stops rust from forming, and keeps your engine as clean as possible.

Due to these benefits and others, there’s no denying that regular oil changes are essential for Hays County motorists. Still, drivers in the area need to think about the oil change interval they should follow. While many auto manufacturers suggest setting up oil changes once every 5,000-7,000 miles, your driving habits could affect your ideal oil change schedule.

Some examples of driving habits that may affect your oil include:

  • Commonly taking short trips
  • Being a high-mileage driver
  • Towing or hauling heavy loads

Most people driving in or around Hays County exhibit one or more of these habits. With that in mind, it’s probably in your best interest to set up oil changes every 3,000-5,000 miles.

Local Factors to Consider

The advice listed above should help you create an ideal oil change schedule for your situation. On top of that, you’ll also need to consider a few factors specific to this part of Texas.

In Hays County, winters tend to be relatively cool — but that’s definitely not the case during the summer months. In July, the county experiences an average high temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Driving in extreme heat can make it harder for your engine to run like it should, resulting in above-normal levels of wear and tear. Because of that, it’s crucial to ensure you have clean oil during Hays County’s summer months.

Hays County is also part of the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area, meaning many people living in this county deal with traffic on a daily basis. Regularly driving in stop-and-go traffic can put an increased burden on your vehicle’s engine, so you might need oil changes more frequently than someone living in a rural area.

Know What Oil Type You Need

Before scheduling an oil change service, it’s a good idea to read about the types of motor oil on the market today. Most vehicles can use most types of oil without running into problems. Despite this, choosing the wrong oil type for your car’s needs could prevent you from getting the full range of benefits an oil change can provide.

Three of today’s most commonly used oil types are:

Conventional Oil

While this is also called “standard” oil, it’s far from the only type of motor oil available for purchase today. Conventional oil, which consists of partially refined crude mineral oil, is technically more cost-effective than other oil types.

However, that’s the only real advantage this product has over alternative options. Compared to synthetic oil, conventional oil meets a far lower standard for performance. And while conventional oil costs less than synthetic oil at the time of purchase, you’ll also need to shell out for oil changes more often with this form of oil.

Synthetic Oil

For the vast majority of drivers in Hays County, synthetic oil is the smart choice when it’s time for an oil change. This oil type is made in factories and labs, and it must meet high-quality standards before hitting store shelves.

Synthetic oil doesn’t just outperform conventional oil in a single category — this oil offers better oxidation resistance, sludge build-up protection, lower engine drag, and higher viscosity than standard oil. And if these factors aren’t enough, you can wait longer between oil changes while using synthetic oil.

High-Mileage Oil

Has your car been in use for over 75,000 miles? If so, typical synthetic oil might not be enough to meet its needs. Instead, you should consider high-mileage oil.

High-mileage oil goes through a manufacturing process that closely resembles the process used to make synthetic oil, allowing it to meet the same quality standards. The primary difference between these products is that high-mileage oil can protect aging engines from issues like oil seepage, emissions, leaks, and smoke.

How to Find the Best Oil Change in Hays County, TX

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