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During the summer, your car’s air conditioner is a piece of really vital equipment, especially in Central Texas where temperatures soar during the summer months. A properly functioning air conditioner in your car makes those summer road trips much more bearable and fun. Luckily a car’s air conditioner doesn’t stop working instantly without some crucial warnings. Here are some common signs that will help you determine whether it is necessary to have your vehicle’s air conditioner fixed.

Not Cooling Efficiently

If you use your car’s air conditioner frequently you can usually detect ac problems immediately: you already know how each setting is supposed to work and feel. When your vehicle doesn’t provide the usual cooling effect that it should, it might be a red flag about a malfunction with the air conditioning system.

At times the signs of reduced cooling are not very noticeable. Other times however there is a drastic change and the cooling it provides is very little. Also at times, your ac may release warm air or none at all.

There are several factors that might be causing the loss of your vehicle’s cooling function. Some of them include the build-up of mold and mildew in the air conditioner’s evaporator system, a loose hose causing air not to reach the vents, a grilled ventilation fan, or something else.

Strange Sounds While the AC is On

Usually when your air conditioner is functioning perfectly there will be no noticeable noise. If your air conditioning system starts to produce funny noises when you are running it, it may be a sign you need to fix it.

The car’s air conditioner functions with the vital help of a part called a compressor. The compressor ensures there’s proper flow of cool air, by pressurizing the system. The compressor also relies on a pulley bearing to function. The air conditioning system will start producing noises if the bearing is shabby, such as squealing or grinding sounds. The bearing can be replaced.

Another vital part of the compressor that suffers wear and tear in time is the clutch. It leads to rattling sounds when it’s worn out. To solve the clutch problem you might need to buy a whole new compressor, or sometimes just a new clutch will do.

Water in the Vehicle

Typically water is supposed to be cleared out through the bottom of the car by the air conditioning system. In the case that there is a problem with the drains, the water might be blocked and accumulate inside the car. When this happens water might come out of the dash and front mats which indicates a problem that needs fixing.

Noticeable Odor

When the car’s cabin air filter is worn out, the air conditioner will pump stale air to the cabin. This can be from mold that accumulates on the evaporator case of the air conditioning system.

Detecting these problems early will help you fix your air conditioner before it stops working completely. If you’ve noticed any of these issues, or something else that indicates you need ac repair for your vehicle, contact Reliable Automotive. We’ll be happy to help you at one of our Kyle, Buda, or San Marcos auto repair shops.

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