Though some car services are more affordable than others, this type of repair is rarely cheap — and few automotive problems cost more to fix than an engine seizure. Once your engine seizes up, you’ll almost certainly have to spend thousands of dollars (or even tens of thousands of dollars) in order to replace or rebuild it.

The good news is that preventing this type of engine failure doesn’t have to be equally costly. Here, you’ll find an in-depth explanation of how getting an occasional oil change in Hays County, TX, can reduce your risk of an engine seizure (and several other automotive problems).

What Is a Seized Engine?

A seized engine is simply an engine that can’t turn over due to internal problems. Some red flags that could indicate your vehicle is seizing include:

  • An engine that won’t crank or start. Even if your engine partially turns over, it’s still considered seized if it won’t crank or run normally.
  • Unusual noises when you try to start your car. A seized engine might make clunking or clicking noises when you attempt to get it up and running.
  • Visible internal damage to your engine. Seeing a hole in your engine block or metal in your motor oil could mean your engine is dealing with serious problems.

Avoiding Engine Seizures With Oil Changes

A few different factors can lead to an engine seizure, including mechanical issues such as a broken timing belt. That said, the most common cause of this issue by far is a low level of motor oil. When your vehicle doesn’t have enough oil, the moving parts in its engine will suffer from friction — and after a while, this friction could cause your engine to stop working entirely.

Engine repair for seized engines isn’t impossible, but this typically requires a complete engine rebuild. At that point, buying a new engine is usually the cheaper option. Avoiding expenses like these is one of the biggest reasons why Hays County drivers should prioritize oil change service.

Other Ways Oil Changes Protect Your Vehicle

Engine seizure is just one of the many issues you can avoid by getting full-service oil changes on a regular basis. This service can also help you reduce risks by:

  • Cleaning your engine. Without clean motor oil, contaminants such as dirt will have a chance to build up inside your engine. If your car’s oil isn’t already dirty, it can trap and neutralize these materials.
  • Preventing internal rust. When rust develops in your engine, rust flakes can break off and further contaminate your oil. Fortunately, most motor oil brands come with additives designed to inhibit rust.
  • Keeping your engine cool. Car engines create heat while operating, but that warmth could easily cause them to overheat if left unchecked. That’s where motor oil comes in — along with its other duties, this fluid can keep engine heat under control.
  • Preserving your warranty. If your car has a dealer’s or manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll need regular maintenance to keep this warranty active. On the other hand, skipping an oil change could be enough to render your warranty null and void.

How Often Should You Schedule Oil Change Service?

Even if you understand why frequent oil changes can keep your engine from seizing, you’ll still have to find an oil change schedule that meets your vehicle’s needs. That isn’t quite as simple as following the standard advice for this service, however. Instead, your oil change interval should take your vehicle and its unique service requirements into account.

If you’re wondering where to start, try looking at your car’s manual — this should have some advice on how often you should change its oil. It’s also wise to take the type of oil you use into consideration:

  • Conventional oil should be replaced once every 3,000 miles, or even more often than that.
  • Synthetic blend oil can last a bit longer — this oil type’s service life can last up to 5,000 miles.
  • If you routinely have full synthetic oil changes performed, you may be able to go as long as 5,000-7,000 miles between oil change appointments.

Know Where To Get an Oil Change in Hays County, TX

While oil change service is undoubtedly crucial, only some Texas auto shops offer genuinely high-quality service to customers in need of this work. Before visiting a Hays County shop for an oil change, make sure it can provide:

  • ASE-certified mechanics. These workers aren’t just qualified — they’re the best of the best.
  • Full-service oil changes. Ideally, your oil change will go beyond removing and replacing oil with the inclusion of additional maintenance services.
  • Multiple convenient locations. Whether you live in Buda, Kyle, or San Marcos, your auto shop should be ready to meet you where you are.
  • A strong reputation among Hays County residents. The best auto shops have been a part of the communities they call home for at least a decade.

At Reliable Automotive, we offer the best full synthetic oil change service Texas has to offer. To reduce your car’s risk of encountering a seized engine and countless other issues, schedule an appointment for your next oil change today!

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