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Motor Oil Optimizes Engine Performance and Longevity

It’s a fact of life — whenever you drive your car, its engine will have to handle a certain amount of stress. While you can’t change that situation, there are a few ways to minimize the stress your engine will be subjected to. Because of this, it’s wise to make oil change service one of your top auto maintenance priorities.

By getting the occasional oil change in Hays County, TX, you’ll help your engine run as efficiently as possible. And when your engine doesn’t need to work any harder than it should, it may last longer as a result of these regular oil changes. Here, you’ll have a chance to learn more about the benefits of oil changes and how to pick the correct type of motor oil for your vehicle’s needs.

How Oil Changes Help Your Engine

Today’s engines are more advanced than ever, but they can’t operate correctly without motor oil. When you follow a rock-solid schedule for oil changes, your oil will have no trouble:

Keeping Your Engine Clean

Your engine can’t run properly if it isn’t clean. Fortunately, fresh motor oil can help: This fluid is capable of trapping dirt, debris, and other common engine contaminants. Your car’s oil filter can also help to capture these materials, but it will become clogged after a while. At that point, pollutants will accumulate in your car’s oil.

This is one of the biggest reasons why oil changes are so crucial. Ideally, your go-to shop for oil change service won’t just remove and replace your oil — they should also replace your oil filter.

Absorbing Heat

As an engine runs, its moving parts will create heat. If left unchecked, this will result in your engine overheating — but if you have clean motor oil, there’s no need to worry. Oil can absorb this heat, keeping your engine safe in the process.

But as motor oil collects dirt, it won’t be able to absorb heat as well as it used to. Dirty oil can reflect heat, making the problem even worse. When that happens, you’ll need to schedule an oil change as soon as possible.

Lubricating Your Engine

In addition to these tasks, motor oil is responsible for lubricating your engine and its moving parts. When your oil level gets low, these parts will grind against one another, which can cause quite a bit of internal damage if left unchecked.

As you might expect, dirty oil isn’t great at lubricating engines. No matter how much oil you have left, the components in your engine might start rubbing against each other if that oil is dirty — and that could cause your engine to seize up.

Enhancing Fuel Efficiency

When your engine isn’t exposed to excessive friction and heat, it can run as efficiently as possible. That means it will burn less gas, and you won’t need to spend nearly as much on fuel.

Find Your Ideal Motor Oil Type

Scheduling an oil change service isn’t complicated, but it’s not quite as simple as you might think. Before getting an oil change, you should take some time to determine what type of motor oil is right for your vehicle. Some of the most popular oil varieties available today include:

Conventional Oil

There’s a good reason why this oil variety is also called “standard” oil — it’s the most popular type of motor oil on the market, primarily due to its lower cost. However, the savings you’ll get with conventional oil come with a significant trade-off. This is easily the worst-performing oil type you can buy, and you’ll need to get oil changes far more often than you would with full synthetic oil.

Full Synthetic Oil

Unlike conventional oil, full synthetic oil is designed to meet extremely high standards for performance. Therefore, this oil can handle engine strain and extreme temperatures without difficulty. Though it does cost a bit more than conventional oil, you can’t beat full synthetic oil in terms of functionality.

High-Mileage Oil

If your vehicle’s been in use for over 75,000 miles, it needs special attention — and special oil. High-mileage motor oil comes with specialized additives that help older vehicles handle issues such as leaks and oil burn-off.

Get a Reliable Oil Change in Hays County, TX

Once you know what kind of motor oil you want to use, it’s time to start looking for a Hays County auto shop you can trust to take care of your oil change. The shop you choose for this work should deliver advantages such as:

When you select Reliable Automotive for oil change service, you’ll get all of these perks and more. We’ve served drivers in Hays County since 2012, We’ve served drivers in Hays County since 2012 and plan to continue helping people for a long time to come.

Take the first step by scheduling your Reliable oil change appointment today!

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