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Your vehicle can last longer if you keep the oil changed regularly. Yes, it’s true and it’s that simple. Your car or truck is a major investment and it’s your responsibility to make the best decisions that can enable you to get the most out of your vehicle. To start,  you should look for a reliable auto shop that can give your car a routine oil change in San Marcos, oil change in Buda, or oil change Kyle, whichever city is closest to you. If you’re in search of an auto repair shop in one of these areas that you can trust, you can schedule your oil changes, routine auto checks, and service with Reliable Auto today. 

Oil Changes Protect the Heart of the Car

By making sure the oil flowing through the system is clean, your car’s engine can be protected in several ways:

  • It keeps the car’s engine from overheating.
  • It keeps dirt and debris from building up on the engine and its components.
  • It helps keep the engine free of rust and other corrosion.
  • It reduces friction in the engine by providing a layer of oil over all the engine parts.

The cost of an oil change is minimal and in return you can get all of this protection. Even better, Reliable Auto offers oil change coupons that can make the cost even more affordable.

Which would you rather do: change the oil regularly for under $100 (depending on the oil used in your car) or an engine overhaul that can cost thousands of dollars? The choice is yours. 

Oil Leaks and Oil Changes Are Related

It isn’t an obvious connection. But there’s a relationship between neglecting oil changes and oil leaks. When you do not provide clean oil for your vehicle on a regular basis, it can damage the valve gasket. Dirty oil turns into sludge, which then puts pressure on the oil gasket seal. Once the seal gives way, oil begins to leak through it. However, having regular oil changes can prevent this.

At Reliable Auto, our ASE-certified oil specialists are trained to spot out oil filters that can cause problems, if they aren’t used properly. Oil can leak around a filter system if it has not been fitted correctly. Not every filter will fit into every car, so it’s critical for your mechanic to know which would be the best fit for your vehicle. You can rely on our mechanics at Reliable Auto to make sure fittings are tight and secure.

Keeping Up With Your Oil Change Schedule Is Key

For more information on how often you should receive an oil change, check the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation for the vehicle. Conventional oil used in older vehicles needs to be changed sometime around the 3,000 mile mark. A synthetic or synthetic-blend oil is often recommended for newer cars and trucks, which can increase the time between changes by up to 7,500 miles. 

Your driving habits also have an effect on an oil change schedule. Towing heavy loads, frequent short trips, and the terrain you regularly drive all require more frequent oil changes. The climate where you live does, too. 

Discuss this with your oil specialists at Reliable Auto; they can guide you based on their experience and training.

The Type of Oil You Use Matters

There are four basic types of oils you can use for your vehicle. If you’re unsure of what to choose, our service staff at Reliable Auto can help you determine which is best for your car:

  1. Synthetic Oil is developed through a chemically-engineered process. Fewer impurities and better in extreme temperatures. 
  2. Synthetic Blend Oil is a blend of synthetic and conventional oil that is highly effective in low temperatures. Resists oxidation better than conventional oil.
  3. High-mileage Oil helps reduce oil burn-off and prevents leaks in older cars. It has been formulated for late model cars or those with over 75,000 miles.
  4. Conventional Oil: is recommended for simple engine designs and regular driving styles. It has a wide range of viscosity grades and quality levels.
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