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Having a spare tire is something that most motorists are accustomed to. It’s the idea of always being able to drive on the second set of wheels if your primary location needs repair. Spare tires are also a regular part of most motorists’ routines, but they can also pose some unique challenges. How long can you drive around on one tire? This is an important question, especially if you live in a region where driving on the exact tire for an extended period can be dangerous. If you live in a city or other low-traffic area, you may be able to drive on a single tire for a long time. However, if you have to drive on a secondary surface often or live in a rural area where driving on the same surface for an extended period can create problems, you should replace your spare as soon as possible. Here’s what you need to know about replacing a spare tire.

1. Spare Tires Must Be Maintained

The first thing you need to know about replacing a spare tire is that you must maintain your spare. If you don’t, you risk having the same problems with your spare that you had with your primary tire. This means that you should keep the wheel clean and free of debris (other than mud or snow) and make sure that the wheel is properly inflated. If the old wheel has been sitting in storage for a while, then it’s also essential to take some time to inspect the wheel before you put it back on your vehicle. This will help prevent any problems from developing in the future.

2. Spare Tires Sometimes Get Recalled

Some manufacturers have recalled specific spare tires because they were defective and posed a safety risk. If your spare tire is among those recalled, you should immediately replace it. This can be done by going to the manufacturer’s website or contacting the company directly to find out if your spare tire has been recalled. You can also call your local Firestone Complete Auto Care location for assistance with replacing a recalled tire.

3. Spare Tires Must Be Changed Properly

If you have an older car, you may not know the proper way to change a spare tire. Most motorists have learned to change a spare tire on their own. The old-fashioned way is to remove the wheel and tire and replace it with another wheel and tire. However, this method can cause problems like punctures or leaks. When you change a spare tire on your own, you are more likely to damage the wheel or tire than when an auto repair shop services it. So if you want to avoid problems like that, you should use professional help instead of doing it yourself.


You have covered all the tips needed to know when you need to replace the spare tire on your car. In this article, there are some essential things to notice which can help you know when you need to change your car’s spare tire.


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