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When it comes to protecting your vehicle and keeping it running smoothly, regular oil changes are key. Although there may be more specific guidelines in your owner’s manual, the general rule is to have conventional oil change service every 3,000 miles and synthetic oil changes every 7,5000 miles. To get started, schedule an appointment with your oil specialists at Reliable Auto and they can take it from there. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Below are the top 6 reasons regular oil changes are so important to the health of your vehicle:

1. Maximum Power From Your Engine

Sluggish isn’t the way you would like to describe your car. By keeping clean oil flowing through the engine and all of its surrounding parts, you can get the optimal amount of power from your car’s engine. The sluggishness will be gone, plus your fuel efficiency can improve.

2. A Properly Lubricated Engine

If you hear grinding or tapping from under the hood, metal parts in the engine are making direct contact with each other. Over time, those parts begin to wear down, simply because they aren’t being lubricated. Maintaining a regular oil change schedule can prevent this from happening. 

3. Regulating The Engine’s Temperature

One important role that engine oil plays is it redistributes heat. This keeps the engine at the proper temperature and helps it avoid overheating. By changing the oil frequently, it protects the engine and keeps the engine parts functioning at their best.

4. A New Oil Filter Can Help the Entire Process

When your oil is changed at Reliable Auto, the oil filter will also be changed. It is part of our complete service. There is no point in changing the oil and leaving a dirty filter. It can literally block the oil from flowing through the system and allow friction that can cause damage to the engine. Together, clean oil and a new oil filter provide total protection for the engine. 

5. Engine Gunk Will Be Eliminated

There’s that sludge again. If you don’t get the oil changed in your car, toxic contaminants build up that can’t be avoided. Your engine then begins to slow down and generally will not give you the power you need. These contaminants should be drained out with the old oil regularly. Then, your power, along with better gas mileage, will return!

Another benefit that you might not think about is the environmental effect of emissions coming from engine gunk and contaminants. A combination of the heat built up in an engine and the hydrocarbons created during the process emits harmful gases into the air we breathe. Clean oil and a new oil filter can reduce this pollution significantly.

6. Other Engine Issues May Be Identified

A good mechanic will be looking for any other problems as he changes the oil and oil filter in your car or truck. It’s always good to catch problems early to avoid more damage that can lead to higher repair bills. 

One valid reason for establishing a working relationship with an auto repair shop and a mechanic is to build up trust over time. You can be assured, then, that the information shared with you by our trusted team of mechanics is reliable. 

It’s More Than Just Clean Oil

There is a process consisting of regular maintenance, effort, and responsibility required to protect the engine in your car. It may be tempting to put this service off or only invest in a cheap oil change, but that is a dangerous choice. At Reliable Auto, we offer oil change coupons that can make this process easier and more affordable. 

Schedule an appointment with your local Reliable Auto shop today to get started. Your mechanic and the service staff will keep records on the services provided, including your oil changes, which is valuable information you can refer to over time.

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