Series of 4 different tire sizes

You might think that a tire is a tire and that your vehicle will run no matter the size of tire that you put on it. The tire is the part of the vehicle that helps you keep it in control, however, as it is the only piece of the vehicle that reaches the ground. It is so important to ensure you have the right size tires on your vehicle for the reasons we’ll take a closer look at below.

1. Traction Control

The first reason that tire size matters on your vehicle is for traction control while on the road, which we’ve already mentioned briefly. If you drive a large vehicle, you will want larger tires with at least a 15-inch diameter. In most cases, tire diameter matters when considering how much of the tire is touching the ground, as this represents the width of the tire. You will receive the most stability from the tire with the widest width that is available for your vehicle.

2. Financial Concerns

It is also important to understand that different tire sizes come with different prices, which is a significant factor to consider when purchasing tires for your vehicle. If your vehicle requires a larger diameter, or if you want a larger diameter, you can expect to pay a bit more money for the set. When it is time to replace one tire, also make sure that you replace it with the same size as the other three tires on your vehicle. If you do not do this, you can wear out the vehicle’s suspension and can damage the braking system.

3. Style Considerations

Another reason that tire size matters on your vehicle is when considering the style that you are going for with your vehicle. For most motorists, the standard tire size is the best for their vehicles. For others, however, larger tires can lead to a more country or even urban style depending on the vehicle that they sit on. On a truck, for instance, larger tires equate to a country aesthetic, whereas in the city, large tires on a town car would equate to someone who has great urban style.

4. Resale Value

Tire size also matters when the time comes to sell your vehicle, whether you are selling it privately, to a dealership, or to a junkyard. Most buyers are interested in a vehicle that has larger tires, especially if it equates to better traction control and as long as they are not so big that it is overwhelming. Even dealerships allow for your vehicle to be upgraded at an additional cost with larger tire size. Larger tires, which still look normal on the vehicle, can give it a much larger resale value when the time comes.

Final Thoughts

Tire size does matter, even if your intuition is to think that as long as it fits, it is good. Tire size can help you achieve a certain style and can increase the value of your vehicle. Tire size can also help with traction control, though this is always an important financial consideration to take into account before making the tire purchase.

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