Example of a flat tire from our car service shop in San Marcos TX

While there are many different causes for car accidents, tire failures are a major contributor. If your tire is defective or becomes damaged, it can cause a serious injury or even death. Being familiar with the possible hazards is the first step to preventing them. Keep reading for a list of the most common ways that tires can fail, from our San Marcos car service shop.

1. Your Tires Are Getting Old

Like other rubber products, your tires are only guaranteed to perform well for a limited time. This can cause your treads to become uneven and not grip the road well. The rubber goes bad over time, losing elasticity and experiencing hardening of the tread texture. The older a tire is, the worse it will perform when it is on the road. Your tires are something that require replacing regularly.

2. Tread Detachment/Failure

Your tire’s treads help it grip the road and provide a stable ride. While a tire can be retreaded, retreaded tires are always going to be less reliable than factory-fresh ones. A lot of people cause their tire’s retreading to become detached by underfilling it with air or driving at high speeds. If a tire has been retreaded, it is even more important to pay attention to it.

3. Rusting on the Inside

The age of your tires can not only affect the tread, but it can also cause issues with the wire framework on the inside. If the rubber casing becomes worn and suffers injuries or tears, it can expose the wires within to airborne elements that will cause them to rust. This will cause your tires to underperform when you are on the road. It can cause them to become unsafe. When having tires retreaded, it is wise to schedule an inspection of the metal framework to keep an eye out for issues.

4. It Was Not Repaired Correctly

Tire punctures are one of the most common things that lead to tire failure, and having a puncture fixed or patched is just as common. However, while fixing a hole may be more economical than going out and buying a whole new tire, if it is not done correctly it can lead to more issues down the road. When having a tire’s puncture professionally repaired, be sure to ask for positive reviews from satisfied customers to make sure you’re getting the job done right.

5. The Steel Belt Comes Loose

A large part of the metal framework in your tire is the steel belt that runs along the edge, covered in rubber. When the steel belt and the tread that covers it become separated or loosened, that can spell big trouble when you are driving.

While tires are often an overlooked aspect of your vehicle, they can make some big problems in your life if you do not maintain them and keep them in good repair. Make sure that tires are filled exactly and keep an eye on their health. Making sure that your tires are in good shape will help to keep you safe on the road.

Need Someone to Check Your Tires in San Marcos TX?

If you’ve been driving on the same old tires for a while now, it may be helpful to get them looked at by a professional mechanic to make sure they’re still functioning safely. Stop by Reliable Automotive to have one of our ASE certified technicians check or balance your tires in San Marcos TX. We’ll make sure your tires stay reliable for years to come.


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