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Is your new or certified pre-owned car still under a dealership warranty? If so, you’re in luck — you shouldn’t have to worry about the cost of repairing it for a while. But if you don’t take care of your vehicle’s maintenance needs, you could end up voiding this warranty on accident.

Taking automotive maintenance seriously is the key to protecting your car’s warranty coverage, and oil changes are a big part of this process. Read on for a thorough explanation of how prioritizing oil change service can help you hang on to your vehicle’s warranty.

The Link Between Oil Changes and Auto Warranties

When your car’s warranty is in place, its manufacturer will pay oil changefor repairs for a pre-established number of miles or years. Luckily, preserving your warranty doesn’t require a great deal of thought or effort on your part. Manufacturers normally simplify this process by providing a maintenance schedule for their vehicles.

By following your vehicle’s included maintenance schedule, you’ll take an essential step toward keeping your warranty coverage in place. Unsurprisingly, oil change service is one of the tasks you’ll find on this schedule. With that in mind, you’ll want to find a local auto shop that can help you take care of this service on a regular basis.

Dealership Service: Do You Need It or Not?

Even if you know when you need an oil change in Hays County, TX, and act accordingly, you could still violate your warranty in other ways. For example, making unauthorized modifications to your vehicle and towing loads that are heavier than its intended capacity could easily invalidate your warranty coverage.

On the other hand, not every supposed risk to your car’s warranty is actually a threat. For example, one widespread rumor claims that getting auto service anywhere other than your dealership could be enough to void your warranty — a claim that is completely untrue.

In the United States, dealerships cannot legally alter or cancel warranty coverage based on an auto buyer’s choice to go elsewhere for maintenance and repair work. That means Hays County residents are free to get the services they need at a local auto shop instead of a dealership (which is fortunate since dealership service tends to be overpriced).

Finding the Best Oil Type for Your Car

While oil change service can go a long way toward protecting your vehicle’s warranty, that isn’t the only benefit this service provides. Fresh oil can lubricate moving parts in your engine, keep your car from overheating, and help your engine stay clean. But even the best oil eventually gets dirty — and at that point, scheduling an oil change is the only way to keep your vehicle running like it should.

If you’re overdue for an oil change in Hays County, TX, you’ll need to decide what oil type is best for your vehicle. The two most popular types of oil available today are:

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil consists of naturally occurring crude mineral oil, but this oil isn’t normally used in vehicles as-is. Instead, it’s partially refined to give its protective qualities and viscosity a boost.

While conventional oil is still a popular type of motor oil, that popularity isn’t a result of its performance — it’s linked to this product’s low upfront cost. Conventional oil delivers significantly worse performance and a much shorter life span than synthetic oil types.

Full Synthetic Oil

The differences between conventional oil and full synthetic oil start with their manufacturing processes. The latter product is entirely man-made, allowing it to reach much higher standards for engine protection and heat resistance.

As you might expect, full synthetic oil costs a bit more than conventional oil. But that isn’t as much of a drawback as it might seem — after all, you’ll be able to wait much longer between oil changes while using this oil type. (Additionally, you might be able to save money on full synthetic oil by finding an auto shop that provides online coupons.)

Taking these factors into consideration, it’s easy to see why full synthetic oil is the best choice for most Hays County drivers. And if you’re worried about the risks of switching from conventional to full synthetic oil, don’t be — this is a nonissue for drivers using the sophisticated products available today.

Protect Your Warranty With a Full-Service Oil Change

If you’ve violated your car’s warranty, even relatively small auto repairs could cost you a significant chunk of change. Fortunately, this isn’t something you need to lose sleep over — at least not if you get regular full-service oil changes from a reputable auto shop.

When people need a synthetic oil change in Hays County, TX, they overwhelmingly choose Reliable Automotive for the job. We offer exceptional service from ASE-certified mechanics, and thanks to our multiple locations in the area, you’ll never have to go too far to take care of this vital task. Don’t wait any longer — schedule your oil change at Reliable Automotive ASAP!

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