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Brake repairs can be costly, but your brakes are an important part of safe driving. Luckily, you can take action to help your brakes last longer today, whether at home or on the road.

Take Your Time

Higher speeds increase brake activity, which can cause early wear on them over time. When you drive, try to maintain a lower speed so that your brakes don’t have to work as hard to stop the vehicle. Remember, if you don’t get to a high speed, then you won’t have to press your brakes hard trying to get back down to a lower, normal speed. Keeping this in mind while driving can help you pay more attention to how you use your brakes.

Drive with One Foot

Most drivers only use one foot for the pedals when driving an automatic. However, many aren’t aware of just how important it is to not hit the gas and brakes simultaneously. Your brakes have to work against the forward motion of your vehicle, so hitting your accelerator and brakes together causes both to be overworked. This is detrimental for not only your brakes, but for your acceleration as well.

Go with the Flow

Instead of speeding up to the closest car, try to maintain the perfect distance. If you maintain the perfect distance, then you won’t have to pressure your brakes at all. Not having to press your brakes at all will increase the amount of time they can stay on your vehicle. Soon, you will become very experienced in these practices and save a lot of money over time. Envision the traffic flow and go with it.

Watch Out for Other Cars

Keep an eye out for other vehicles that are stopped or driving slowly ahead of you. If you can spot slow or stopped vehicles soon enough, you can either adjust your speed slowly, instead of slamming your brakes, or move to another lane of traffic if necessary so you don’t have to brake hard. Giving yourself the chance to slowly decelerate or move around a slowed vehicle will be less harsh on your brakes than having to stop quickly.

Slow Instead of Pumping Your Brakes

Instead of pressing your brakes hard, just coast, reach a lower speed, and then press your brakes (if you absolutely need to). A lot of times, you won’t even need to use your brakes, because at a lower speed, you tend to be able to continue driving with the flow of traffic.

Better for Your Brakes

Brakes can usually last over 125,000 kilometers. Driving mindfully can help keep your brakes from experiencing too much wear and tear before their natural lifespan ends. Additionally, driving with careful use of your brakes will feel better than hitting the brakes hard often. You ride will feel smoother, safer, and will be better for your vehicle and passengers.

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