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When it comes to car maintenance and problem prevention, there are plenty of things you can do that can help. From tire realignment, to checking brakes and oil levels, maintaining your vehicle doesn’t always have to be a big project. But when it comes to problems that prevent your car from running right like engine repair or replacement, it can get quite costly. It’s important that you should be taking steps to prevent any problems at first notice. Besides just the cost factor, you also don’t want to be on the road or in a dangerous situation when a problem does arise, this can lead to a huge safety issue. There are a ton of parts that go into making an engine run properly and you need to make sure each is being taken care of. Here we discuss different methods and steps you can take that help prevent engine damage that can lead to bigger issues down the road.

Degrease it

One of the most important things that can be done is to ensure you are keeping your engine clean and free of debris. Both internally and externally, there are things that can be done. For example, the outside of your engine can be covered in grease trapping heat within making it run poorly, this is why it’s important to keep it clean. While the debris might not hurt the engine directly because of the way it is designed, you should still look out for any smells coming from the engine. Mechanic shops in San Marcos, Tx can help you with this process by using a degreaser to directly remove the grease from the exterior of the engine, as well as vacuuming debris off the engine casing.

Check your Plugs

Part of keeping your engine clean will also be to clean your spark plugs and have them inspected regularly. Especially since improperly running spark plugs can have a cascade effect when it comes to causing other problems, even if cleaning them can be a small job, it can have a huge benefit on your engine. One of the simplest ways to clean it is to remove your plug lead, clean it, and use a cleaner to remove all the buildup.

Keep it Cool

It can also be helpful to have some other parts examined for potential damage, as typically a repair job early on will be easier to fix than a replacement job after it has broken. One thing that needs the be checked for this reason is the cooling system. A common way to see if it has become an issue is to check for leaking coolant coming out of your engine. If you do not see the coolant leak while it is off, you can turn your car on, and rev it up to see if any oil or coolant leaks onto the ground. And of course, if your car engine is overheating you can tell by simply checking the engine temperature display in the car. Because cars use heated gasoline, which can get very hot, they cause extremely high temperatures internally, eventually causing parts to expand or melt, warping and causing damage to other areas.

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