An SUV exiting our San Marcos auto service shop after receiving a tune up.

Owning a vehicle means more than just getting in and driving everyday. Many people are not aware of the importance of proper maintenance when it comes to their automobiles. Seasoned drivers know that the oil must be changed every few thousand miles, and that regular tune ups are essential. New drivers may need reminders, and often the vehicle will give such reminders. Some of these reminders may go unnoticed, but if they are ignored for too long, major problems could arise with the vehicle. Tune ups can prevent these problems from happening, prolong the life of the auto, and allow for better overall automobile performance.

Enjoy Better Gas Mileage

Drivers who neglect to service their vehicle will notice that they are paying a little more at the pump for gas and not know why. A tune up is a preventive maintenance procedure where minor issues are detected and solved. A dirty air filter can cause the vehicle to use more gas because air cannot flow freely. Tune ups will help increase gas mileage because filters, spark plugs, and wires are replaced if needed. The fuel system is checked, and the condition of the car’s engine is improved. Because tune ups ensure that all of a vehicle’s parts and systems are in working condition, they greatly decrease the possibility of highway breakdowns.

Experience a Smoother Ride

Vehicles can sometimes start to run rough, and drivers may not always be certain as to what the problem could be. This is not always due to wear and tear on the vehicle. Bad spark plugs and filters will make a car sputter and gasp for fuel, causing the car to have an uncomfortable ride. A tune up will eliminate all of the issues that have the car running rough, leading to a overall better vehicle performance and a smoother ride on the road. Vehicles can run smoothly and more quiet with a regular tune up.

Save Money on Expensive Car Repairs

Regular tune ups are very cost efficient because they can help save money on costly engine repairs. A tune up will keep the motor in a high performance state, making it less likely to need an expensive engine or transmission replacement down the line. Having a vehicle tuned up regularly costs far less than what a major issue would cost. Avoid costly repairs by having regular tune ups and replacing minor parts as they begin to wear out.

Prevent Worry and Uncertainty

Last but certainly not least, drivers want to be confident that they are driving under the safest conditions. A tune up will check and change the oil, spark plugs, wires if needed, all filters, tires, brakes, and all fluids as part of regular maintenance. The technicians will also investigate and address any issues that the vehicle may be experiencing. This will give the driver peace of mind when on the road, preventing that persistent sense of worry that comes along with an unreliable vehicle.

The best thing that can be done for a vehicle of any make and model is to schedule regular tune ups. It makes a huge difference in how the vehicle performs. Drivers will be amazed at the longevity of the automobile as well as the amount of money they will save on major repairs. Owning a vehicle is a major investment, and keeping it properly maintained with regular tunes ups is the best way to protect your investment.

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