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Are you considering purchasing a low mileage car, truck or SUV? Do you want a vehicle for your monthly trips, annual gatherings, or when the need arises? Do you want a vocational car? Do you intend to use your car to cover short distances to work? Do you work from home most of the time? Do you intend to use your car to make visits to the mall or the park? If you answered yes to any or all of these categorizations, then a low-mileage driver and a low-mileage car may be very suitable for you.

What Makes a Vehicle “Low Mileage?”

A low mileage vehicle is considered any vehicle with an average of 9,200 miles within twelve months. In other terms, it is a car that has an average of 60,000 miles within five years. A low mileage vehicle comes with many benefits since it consumes less fuel, and the rate of wear and tear is low compared to other cars. Due to this slow wear and tear rate, you will only need to replace some parts after a longer period of time. For example, some parts like brakes and tires can be replaced after approximately two years, while brake discs and cambelt can be replaced as from three years as you advance.

Even though low-mileage vehicles seem to require less mechanical attention, it is essential to note that all vehicles demand some distinct maintenance level to guarantee the safety of you or anyone else who might hop into the car for a ride. On top of this, low-mileage vehicles in particular come with their own unique needs. Here are a few maintenance tips for low-mileage vehicles that will equip you to experience the most out of your car.

Maintaining Your Low-Mileage Vehicle

Start the Engine Once a Month

Ensure you start the engine of your car at least once every month. You can catch a ride to the mall or park and ensure you traverse at least 16 miles. Starting your engine allows the fluids to flow as needed and assures your car is operating efficiently.

Schedule Professional Maintenance Every Six Months

Ensure you have a scheduled maintenance plan once every six months. Your car will need to be well-maintained to ensure that delivers an excellent performance whenever you use it. If you maintain your low-mileage car very well, this will save you the cost of unplanned and sudden repairs or emergencies.

Check the Oil Frequently

Check the engine oil as often as you use the car to guarantee a good oil flow and all fluids. It is crucial to identify some oil flow difficulties early and follow up to resolve any filter blockage cases or broken oil pump. Remember to replenish dirty engine oil as soon as you notice it’s dirty.

Have the Tires Balanced Yearly

Schedule a visit at least once every year to get your wheels balanced and tire pressure optimized to establish your car’s stability. Balancing your wheels will inspire you to drive without the fear of losing control of your car by boosting your safety as you drive.

Keep the Engine Clean

Adopt an engine cleaning technology like a carbon eliminator to help clean the inside of your vehicle’s engine. The byproducts of carbon combustion include carbon, tars, and gums. They can alter the engine’s power and efficiency, so ensure you remove any of these byproducts when replacing the oil. A cleaner engine will also preserve mother earth in the long-run by reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

In conclusion, it is very easy to maintain a low-mileage vehicle, particularly if you keep in mind the basics of sustaining your car. A low-mileage car will serve you efficiently if you manage it very well. Take the time to address the unique needs of a low-mileage vehicle, and you are assured of having a reliable mode of transportation for years to come.

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