Guide to oil changes showing how to check engine oil

Your vehicle is composed of a lot of intricately designed moving pieces that all work together to get you from point A to point B. In order for all of these parts of your engine to work properly, they need a sufficient amount of clean oil to stay lubricated, allowing them to function as whole long term. While it might seem inconvenient to change your oil or to go have your oil changed by a professional mechanic, neglecting this key factor in your car’s maintenance could be catastrophic to your engine, hitting you where it hurts the most: your wallet and your time. Here are a few ways regular oil changes benefit your vehicle, keeping it safely on the road for miles to come.

Gas Mileage

Instead of focusing on the low cost of an oil change, consider the higher gas intake that a poorly lubricated engine requires. Have you ever noticed that your gas tank lasts you a little longer after you finally sprung for that much overdue oil change? It isn’t an illusion. Your car performs better with the proper amount of clean oil. The increased fuel used can often end up costing you nearly as much as an oil change, generally balancing out the immediate effect on your bank account. Give your wallet a break at the gas tank by having a regularly scheduled oil change!

Cools the Engine

Your engine is constantly working hard with the many moving parts to run properly. If you have low or dirty oil, your engine has to work even harder just to perform at a basic level. By keeping your oil fresh and at the proper level for your specific engine, your vehicle does not have to work as hard. The risk of over heating increases when this is not a focus as regular maintenance, and an overheated engine has a lot of potential for irreparable (or at best extremely expensive) damage.

Life Span

We live in a society that depends greatly on our vehicles, therefore, we need them to last as long as possible. By constantly having old oil cycling through the engine, we allow the potential for normal “wear and tear” to be magnified, causing unnecessary damage to your engine before its time. Every car has a life span, but how we treat the engine is the key component to keeping your car working properly and safely on the road for as long as possible.

Included Maintenance

When you have your oil professionally changed by a mechanic, often times, they pay attention to other parts of your car in addition to your oil. Outside of common factors like the air filter, wiper fluid, and your tires, there are many other aspects of your engine that a mechanic can point out to you before it becomes a catastrophic problem. Having a regularly scheduled oil change (recommended is every 3,000 miles) can not only prolong your engine life by keeping clean oil running through it, but it can also help prevent other issues that might end up costing you in the long run.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change

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