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Don’t Get Stuck With a Dead Car Battery

It’s never a convenient time to get stranded, but it always seems to happen at the worst time when car trouble happens. Many drivers are often caught off guard when their car battery dies, but their vehicle may have been showing signs that their car battery needed help, and they simply did not notice.

At Reliable Automotive, we strive to provide trustworthy maintenance and repair services, and that includes taking care of your vehicle’s car battery. Whether your car battery needs to be replaced or you have other auto electrical issues, we are here to get your vehicle back on the road and in its best shape. Come with us as we take a look at signs that your car battery needs to be replaced. We’ll also cover how to know if your vehicle may be having other electrical issues. Whether it’s time for a new battery or you think your vehicle might need some professional help, be sure to schedule service at Reliable Automotive for trustworthy and affordable service!

Car Battery 101

From your fuel pump and headlights to your radio and onboard computer, your car’s battery is responsible for powering all your vehicle’s electronics. As your vehicle runs, it uses engine power to spin the alternator, which sends power to recharge your battery to ensure that it continues to run. As long as your engine runs, your battery is constantly recharged. However, your car battery’s biggest task is to start your engine. Starting your engine requires large amounts of battery power, especially when your engine is cold.

Because starting an engine requires so much power, weakened or depleted batteries may not have enough capacity to complete the task, and that’s when you may find yourself unable to start your car.

Signs of Auto Electrical and Car Battery Issues

By the time most electrical and battery issues are detected, it is usually too late. If you know what to look for, you can catch these issues early and have them resolved right away.

Below are a few telltale signs of car battery trouble:

Warning Lights

One of the telltale signs that your vehicle is experiencing electrical or car battery issues is the car battery warning light. This red light usually indicates that your vehicle has detected issues with its charging system. Many times, drivers see this warning light and believe that their car battery needs to be replaced. However, a battery warning light usually indicates that the charging system itself is malfunctioning and the battery will be low, as a result.

Slow Cranking

Slow cranking is another sign of a low or weakened battery. If you notice your engine is turning over slower than normal when you start your vehicle, it is possible that it may be time for car battery replacement. Car batteries last an average of three to five years. This is because as they age, they’re not able to hold as much energy as they once could. Toward the end of a car battery’s life, its energy capacity drops to a point where it can no longer hold enough energy to start your car.

Dim Headlights

Dim headlights while your vehicle is running can be a sign of a low battery or auto electrical issues. Usually, your alternator is able to recharge your battery enough to operate its electrical features as long as the engine is running. However, if your car’s alternator cannot deliver enough power to your battery or there is an electrical issue that is not allowing your battery to receive the power it needs from your alternator, you may notice that your headlights are dimmer than normal.

Burning Rubber or Plastic Smell

Fluctuating currents through your vehicle’s electrical system can cause stress on electrical components and wires and even cause fuses to blow. If you notice a burning smell while your car is operating or shortly after starting your vehicle, this can be a sign that you have auto electrical issues that need to be addressed.

Continuing to drive with auto electrical issues can result in the disabling of your vehicle or an electrical fire.

How Often Should Your Car Battery Be Replaced?

We recommend replacing your battery every three years to prevent being stranded with a dead battery. This ensures that your vehicle’s electrical components always have the power to operate normally without power fluctuations or losses. Fluctuations from a dead battery or jump-starting your car can cause electrical components to fail or fuses to blow.

Car Battery Problems? Schedule Service

At Reliable Automotive, we provide trustworthy car battery replacement services, and we offer all the auto electrical services our customers need. Whether your vehicle is experiencing some of the strange symptoms mentioned above or you believe you may have a low battery, we encourage you to schedule service with us today.

Here are just a few of the many services that we provide:

  • Car battery replacement
  • Battery strength testing

Our automotive mechanics are ASE-certified and qualified to provide the auto electrical repairs your vehicle may need. We even feature added savings with our helpful service coupons. Whether you need something simple like a car battery replacement or more complex like diagnostic services, you’ve come to the right place.

Schedule service at Reliable Automotive and trust all of your automotive needs in the hands of the certified experts today.

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