Mechanic changing oil in vehicle

When it’s time for your vehicle’s next oil change, you may start thinking about changing the oil yourself. Is going to an auto shop for an oil change a better idea? Is it cheaper to have your oil changed by a mechanic or to do it yourself? Ignoring your oil change isn’t an option if you want to stay safe on the road and keep your vehicle in good condition. Here we’ll look at why going to your local mechanic for your oil change may be the best idea.

Why Regular Oil Changes are Important

Having your oil changed correctly is an integral part of keeping your car running smoothly for its expected lifespan. The motor oil in your car is vital to three different components that keep your car in good condition:

  • Oil keeps your engine lubricated
  • Oil acts as an heat absorption formula that keeps your engine from overheating
  • Oil keeps any harmful discharge or debris from clogging your engine

To ensure that your car’s engine is running smoothly and safely, getting your oil changed is one of most cost-effective maintenance performances that can be done. Failure to do so can result in costly repairs being needed.

Reasons to Have a Professional Mechanic Change Your Oil

Oil changes may seem simple, but small factors can make changing your oil in your driveway a big deal. Below are some ways having a professional complete your oil change can alleviate the inconvenience of doing so at home.

Required Materials

Many vehicle owners are tempted to change their oil at home in order to save some of the cost of having it done by a mechanic. However, if you don’t have the materials needed to complete the oil change, you could end up spending more than you think. Oil changes require not just the right oil and oil filter, but also a container to drain the old oil into, something to protect your driveway from oil stains, and your time.

Auto shops have oil change facilities set up to deal with these issues, and will have the appropriate oil and filters on hand when you come in for your oil change.


Changing your oil at home can be a dangerous process to you and your vehicle depending on several factors.

If you can’t comfortably work underneath your vehicle when it’s on level ground, then you will need to raise it to change your oil. Some people do this using a jack, and others have tried parking their vehicle with the front wheels up on a curb to raise it slightly. Both of these options, if done incorrectly, can not only damage your vehicle, but can also leave you seriously injured.

Your local auto shop will have secure vehicle lifts that technicians use to change your oil. These give the mechanics plenty of room to work without endangering themselves or your vehicle.

Oil Disposal

If you haven’t changed your oil before, you may not have considered what happens to the old oil. The oil drained from your vehicle cannot legally be discarded by just tossing it in a dumpster. The leftover oil must be taken to a facility that is prepared to handle hazardous waste products.

Having to locate a disposal facility and transport the oil there is an annoying and messy task for most drivers. When you have your oil changed at an auto shop, they take care of the process of oil disposal for you.

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