Certified mechanic at a non-dealer repair shop performing an oil change

If you bought your vehicle from a dealership, whether used or new, it probably came with dealer services or with some form of a warranty. You may wonder if you should have the maintenance that you need, such as an oil change, completed at the dealership that you bought your vehicle at. It is important to note that this is not necessarily the case, and you do have options as seen below.

Other Mechanics

You are able to go to another mechanic if you want t for your next oil change. It is so important that you keep the receipt, however, in order to keep your dealer’s warranty on your vehicle. This is a way for you to prove that you are getting the necessary maintenance on your vehicle that it requires in order to meet the standards of the warranty. It is also imperative for you to use a certified mechanic rather than just a friend, as the warranty will be nullified if your friend messes something up on your vehicle.

Choosing a Mechanic

If you choose another mechanic, it is important to choose wisely. Call the shop first to ensure that they are certified to work on the type of vehicle that you own, especially if it is an important or a luxury brand. Make sure that they use a quality oil that you can trust to be put into your vehicle and that the filters are of high quality. Finally, ask to know about every fee that they will charge you so that you can avoid any hidden charges that you were not ready for.


Of course, you are able to go to the dealership to get your oil changed as well, and there may be some benefits to going to the dealership. The dealership will know more about the brand of your car than any other mechanic, as they specialize in that brand. The will know exactly what kind of oils and filters are best for your vehicle. You also do not have to worry about losing the receipts if you go straight to the dealership rather than another mechanic for your next oil change.

Other Considerations

It is important to understand that there are considerations to keep in mind with going to the dealership for your old change as well. A dealership may charge you more money for a simple oil change than you are willing to pay, which is why many choose to go to another mechanic. It may also be more convenient for you to go to another mechanic, as you do not have to worry about setting an appointment for some locations. You can literally just show up and wait your turn to have your oil changed so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Oil changes are a necessary part of the maintenance that your vehicle may require. It is important to take the steps necessary to keep up with the maintenance, especially if you have a warranty from a dealership. Be sure to visit the dealership or another mechanic for your next oil change, and don’t forget to keep your receipts to maintain your warranty.

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